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Instant Algebra Help - I've Turned This Website Into a Book that You Can Reference Forever!

Have you had the chance to look around on Algebra-class.com? Were you able to find the Algebra help that you need?

Algebra ebook

I hope that you've been able to benefit from the many detailed examples that I've developed to help students truly understand Algebra concepts!

Would you like to take the examples from Algebra-class.com and have them at your fingertips in an easier to read format? And.. to go along with the examples, a few practice problems to help master skill?

Then... how about a step-by-step answer key to check your work? Plus... a unit test to formerly assess your knowledge of the entire unit?

Yes, it's all right here in PDF format that is easy to navigate and print!

It's much easier to show you what this book is all about, so take a look...

This ebook includes lessons for 10 Algebra units. Click here to see the table of contents for the book and all of the lessons included in the Algebra program.

Get your copy of Simple Steps to Success in Algebra for just $12.99!

You will have instant, printable access to all lessons (Over 65 lessons and 400 pages) in this easy to understand Algebra book.

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Here's what people are saying about Algebra-class.com!

I am a pensioner living in South Africa.I stumbled on your website, the best thing that could happen to me! Your course in Algebra has helped me a lot to better understand the different concepts! Thank you very much for sharing your skills for teaching math to even people like me, and that for FREE!! Please do not stop as I am sure that your teachings have helped many thousands of people like me all over the world.

South Africa

I needed Algebra help badly. You really helped me figure out how to do my homework without getting confused and I thank you for that. I just wanted to thank you for your help.

United States

I was so frustrated with not being able to understand the distributive property formula, until I searched the web and found your site. Thank you so much. My eyes have been opened, and you are truly a gifted teacher. I am 47, and taking remedial math in college. It is such a waste of my time to sit there for a whole hour and some, and still not understand a thing. I am so excited about finally finding the right algebra help. Again, thank you.

United States

I just wanted to write and basically thank you for making such a WONDERFUL website! I'm 20 yrs old and about to take a basic placement test for college. I wanted to brush up on my algebra skills and I stumbled upon your site. I'm amazed at how simple you made it and how fast im remembering algebra!!! I don't remember getting most of the answers right when I had an actual teacher in front of me teaching me this!!! So I just thought you deserved alot of KUDOS!!!! Thanks

United States

Thanks for the Algebra Help!

This site was amazing. Thank you so much! I'm in an advanced math class and fell behind a little ...and thanks to your site I'm all caught up! Thanks again!

United States.

For just $12.99 get YOUR copy of Simple Steps to Success in Algebra!

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