Why is Algebra Practice So Important?

How many hours do you spend on Algebra practice/homework? Are you asking these questions too:

Why do I have to take Algebra? Why do I have so much Algebra homework?

Algebra is one of the hardest classes for students in middle or high school. It's the first time since early elementary school that you are exposed to all new concepts.

Algebra begins the higher level problem solving process for higher education. Even if you don't think you'll ever actually use the "skill", you will use the problem solving skills that are developed as a part of learning this higher level math.

It's worth it in the end... trust me!

Now you may be wondering: How will I make it through this class?

That's not a problem.... I am here to help!

Strategies for Learning Algebra Concepts

Before even starting your homework, make sure that you have some idea of how to solve the problem. If you didn't understand your class work, go back to your text book and work on a few of the examples given. You may need to ask a friend for help, to learn the process before starting your work.

You can also use the many examples given right here on Algebra-class. Find your unit in the left hand nav bar. Click on the unit and then find the lesson that you are working on. Many students have found that my examples are easier to understand than the typical text book.

You may need to go to You Tube and search for the skill that you are studying. There are hundreds of videos on how to solve Algebra practice problems right on You Tube.

Another great website with videos is Kahn's Academy.

Bottom line is, you want to understand the concept first, and then start your homework.

If You Constantly Need Help with Your Algebra Work, Here's a Few Options:

  • Use the Algebrator Software to check your answers as you complete your homework. If you answer is wrong, find and fix your mistake before moving on. This will help you to learn the concepts and as you complete your homework problems.

  • You might want to consider a tutor. Ask your teacher for recommendations. Remember that Algebra 1 is the foundation for all higher level math courses. Having a weak foundation in Algebra is like not being able to add and subtract. You must have strong Algebra skills in order to be successful in higher level math courses.

  • I have an Algebra 1 program that is designed for struggling students. It's very similar to your own tutoring session. You choose the lesson that you want to study and you watch several video lessons. You will take notes while watching the video and then complete the algebra practice problems provided. The best part is that I provide you with a step by step answer key, so you can not only check your answers, but find where you made your mistakes.

  • You can use Algebra Class to help you learn the concept and then use your knowledge to complete your homework.

    Keep Working Hard...

    Never give up! Keep your head high and ask for help when needed. Even my best students in middle school needed help with Algebra. You will succeed if you persevere!

    I wish you much success in your math studies,

    Karin Hutchinson

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