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Algebra-Class Testimonial

by Sulli817
(Knoxville, TN)

I just wanted to say thank u 4 your website!! It made all the difference on my last unit using inequalities and graphing. I found your site last night after failing my math test yesterday...that's failed as in capital F. I'm in college and had one day left to retest. In between calls at work today I worked through all the examples and practice problems feeling more than confident than ever and I'm pleased to report I got an A on my test tonight!! Lol I'm so excited that I had to share. I've already bookmarked your site on all my devices: an iPad, kindle fire, and 2 laptops. I'll definitely be using this site next semester....THANKS!!!

Algebra-Class Response

Thank you so much for writing to show how Algebra-class has helped in your studies. I am so happy that you earned an A on your retake! Please visit often, as there are a lot of lessons on Algebra-class. Best of luck to you in your studies!

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