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Combining Like Terms

by Trebor Asorala

Can you use the combining like terms method for something like this?


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Jan 13, 2011
Combining Like Terms
by: Karin

Yes! This is an algebraic expression where you can combine like terms in order to simplify.

You have two kinds of terms. You have terms with the variable a and constant terms. Constant terms are the terms that are just numbers, with no variables (15 and 6)

You can rewrite like terms side by side in order to make it easier to combine. Don't forget to take the sign in front of each term.

9a - a - 10a + 15 - 6

Now combine your "a" terms and your constant terms.

(9-1 - 10 = -2) for the "a" terms
(15-6 = 9) for your constant terms.

-2a + 9 is the simplified answer.

Hope this helps,

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