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Basic Math Formulas That are Used in Algebra

Basic math formulas are used so often in real world problems, that it's important to learn how to utilize these formulas early in your Algebra studies.

You've learned how to evaluate algebraic expressions, and now you will use this skill to solve real world problems that involve basic math formulas.

Let's start with 2 formulas that you are very familiar with. The area and perimeter formulas are used quite often in math. You may be familiar with these formulas, but if not take a look at the following diagram.

Area and Perimeter Formulas

area and perimeter formulas

Let's Look Specifically at the Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

area and perimeter of a rectangle

Now, that you reviewed the formula, we'll use our area and perimeter formulas for a rectangle in order to solve a problem.

Example 1

basic math formulas example 1

Now, that was pretty easy, huh? Simply substitute the given values for each variable, and evaluate. Let's try the area formula.

Example 2

using the area formula

There are so many formulas that we could use as examples! There are several formualas for circles and think about all of the formulas that you use in science. This is definitely an algebra skill that is used in everyday life.

Let's take a look at one more formula, just for practice. This is an easy scientific formula - the distance formula.

Example 3

distance formula

I"m sure that you've been using formulas for while in your math studies. You are probably very familiar with these basic math formulas, but now you will see how formulas are used in algebra and dealing with the variables.

If you have a firm grasp on using these formulas, then you are ready for our very last lesson in this unit - the distributive property.

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