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Are You Ready for Algebra?

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I hope the answer to that question is YES! Why? Because Algebra is so much fun to teach! I'm sure that as a homeschool math teacher, you already know that. I think it's the turning point for a lot of students. This is where logic and challenge sets in.

I really give you A LOT of credit. I know that home schooling takes a lot of dedication and work! Homeschool math teachers especially have a hard job. KUDOS to You!

Do You Have An Algebra Curriculum?

Algebra 1 lays the foundation for all higher level math courses; therefore, it is especially important to choose a curriculum that your child likes and understands.

Algebra Class has been the perfect choice for many home school families. The format of the course allows for your child to complete the course independently. The detailed approach of Algebra Class focuses on developing a sold understanding of each concept before moving on. Let's see how it works...

Why Algebra Class for Your Homeschool Math Curriculum?

  • Your child will develop a strong understanding of Algebra through watching step by step video tutorials.

  • Your child will have ample problems to practice in order to solidify their understanding of the concept.

  • Your child will always be able to accurately assess themselves and find their mistakes by using the detailed,step-by-step answer keys provided for every problem.

  • If needed, your child will be able to complete the course independently and from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Accurately assess your child's progress with chapter tests, quizzes, cumulative tests, mid-term, and final exams.

  • Receive a certificate of completion for your portfolio upon completion of course (if all tests are emailed or mailed to me).
  • So... What Units Will You Study?

    The Algebra 1 Homeschool Math course consists of the following ten units:

  • Unit 1: Solving Equations

  • Unit 2: Graphing Equations

  • Unit 3: Writing Equations

  • Unit 4: Systems of Equations

  • Unit 5: Inequalities

  • Unit 6: Functions

  • Unit 7: Exponents and Monomials

  • Unit 8: Polynomials

  • Unit 9: Factoring Polynomials

  • Unit 10: Quadratic Equations

  • You'll have instant access to all ten units of the Algebra Class curriculum, plus a mid-term and final exam! Click here for more detailed information on the curriculum.

    Check out the 77 individual lessons in the entire Algebra 1 curriculum.

    Sign up Now for only $14.99 per month OR Save 40% and Subscribe for a Whole Year for just $69.99

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    That's right, all you have to do is choose a username and password and you will have instant access to the entire Algebra Class curriculum! There is absolutely nothing that you have to download! It can't get much easier!

    Please Note: You will not receive an actual book in the mail. This is an online course, and all materials can be saved or printed from your computer. You will access all worksheets and videos once you login to the secure online course.

    A homeschool mom says...

    Dear Karin,

    I am a home school mom of five who struggled with finding a solid Algebra program for my older boys until I came upon your online algebra class. Your tutorials are straight forward and detailed.

    Your assignments are designed in such a way that we can spend extra time on what my children need to and move on when they understand something more easily. I am a math-lover myself and am excited that you have finished Part 2 of this course.

    My boys are understanding Algebra in a way that they never were able to with other courses due to the detail and care that are in each of your lessons. I also appreciate that you are available to answer questions.

    Thank You!

    Jacqui Coleman

    Another Homeschool Parent Says...

    My daughter is a ninth grade student attending a local high school in Toronto, Ontario. I am using the online Algebra Class to help her. She was not well prepared in Pre-Algebra, hence most of the subjects in Algebra 1 are new to her.

    Algebra 1 is not a well taught subject. Her high school Math teacher does not use the method that you use, consequently, she is not grasping the subject matter thoroughly. Your step-by-step problem solving technique is helping her to understand the subject matter and individual topics.

    My daughter comments that she likes your video presentations and wishes she could see a picture of you.

    This e-course has helped my daughter to better understand Algebra in the following ways:

  • The topic (eg. Solving Equations) is explained and every detail of one step, two step, etc... is explained in such a clear manner that sometimes she stops the video to work out the problem, and then continue.

  • She can now distinguish between solving equations, writing equations, graphing equations, systems of equations, and word problems because of your video presentations.
  • In subtracting polynomials, she could not grasp it until she began to follow your Keep-Change-Change procedure.
  • We have used other Algebra products, but this differs because Karin is the only teacher who makes my daughter feel as if she is sitting beside the teacher.

    Thank You!

    Reggie Clark

    Get Instant Access for only $14.99 per month OR Save 40% and Subscribe for a Whole Year for just $69.99

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    Best of luck in your studies.

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