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Your Guide to Learning Algebra!
Welcome Adults of All Ages!

learning algebra

I am so glad that you are here! I think it is fantastic when adults go back and take on the challenge of learning algebra.

Maybe you are going back to college and need to take the entrance exam. Or maybe you just want to "re-learn" or try to develop a better understanding of Algebra!

For whatever reason, you should be proud of yourself and remember, learning algebra is fun too!

So... How Can I Help You?

Your first step should be to take the Algebra Readiness Test. The algebra readiness test will help you to determine if you have the foundation to begin an Algebra 1 curriculum.

Once you've identified your weak areas, you can navigate to the appropriate unit on Algebra-class.com to see step-by-step examples and even try the skill with our practice problems. The Pre-Test will tell you exactly where you need to go to get help. Don't forget to take this important test. Click here to take it now.

If you did pretty well on the Algebra Readiness Test, then you are ready to start Algebra 1.

Since everyone comes from different math backgrounds it is hard for me to tell you exactly where to start. So, in order to find a good starting point based on your skills, I would advise you to:

Start with Unit 1: Solving Equations. On the Solving Equations home page you will find all of the lessons (in order) for the unit. Start with the first lesson and work your way down following the steps below:

  • Each lesson has example problems and practice problems. Scroll down to the practice problems and try the first two or three. Check your answers with the answer key which always follows the practice problems.
  • If you got the answers correct, then you can skip this lesson and move onto the next lesson. If you got the answers wrong, then you will need to go back to the beginning of the lesson and start there.
  • For each lesson, copy the example on your own sheet of paper. Work through the steps on your paper as you read them in the example. This will help you to teach yourself the lesson.
  • Then retry the practice problems. Once you've gotten all the practice problems correct, you are ready to move onto the next lesson.
  • If you decide that you just want to start at the beginning and work your way through a complete Algebra curriculum, click here to access the Algebra 1 Concepts and Skills page. This will advise you on the correct sequence for learning Algebra 1.

    Other Helpful Resources

  • Get All the Help You Need In One Package

    solving equations ebook Algebra Class contains everything you need to master the solving equations, graphing equations, writing equations, systems of equations, and inequalities units! With Algebra Class, you'll be able to:

  • Watch video tutorials for every lessson
  • Take notes on a pre-designed worksheet
  • Complete a lot of practice problems
  • Check your answers with a step-by-step answer key
  • Practice your test taking skills with quizzes, chapter tests, and a mid-term exam
  • For more details on this amazing package, click here.

  • Each month I create a "Quick Reference Guide" for my newsletter subscribers. Each one page PDF document provides a quick reference for a particular unit. Sign up for my newsletter now, if you haven't already. Click here to access the "Quick Reference Guide" page.

  • Do you really know how to study Math? If you're not sure, click here to read my article on Math Study Tips..

  • You've taken the first step, the challenge of learning algebra. I hope this gives you an idea of where to start on your math journey!

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