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Solving a Linear Function - Part 2

In the previous lesson on functions you learned how to find the slope and write an equation when given a function.

Linear functions are very much like linear equations, the only difference is you are using function notation "f(x)" instead of "y". Otherwise, the process is the same.

Ok, let's move on! In our first example, we are going to find the value of x when given a value for f(x). This is one of the trickier problems in the function unit. Watch carefully where we substitute the given number 4.

Let's take a look.

Example 1

evaluating functions

Pretty easy, right? This is really just a review of concepts that you've already learned. Once you figure out that you substitute 4 for f(x), you solve this as a regular two step equation.

In example 2, you will see how to write the equation of a function given slope and a point.

This process for this problem is exactly the same as you learned when writing equations. The only difference is how you state your "function" at the end. It must be written in function notation.

Example 2

linear function example

This completes our lesson on Linear Functions. Hopefully you do not let the word "function" intimidate you. As you can see, you know how to solve all of these problems from studying equations. Now you just have to be a little fancier with how you name your equation.

In the next lesson, we will continue our study of functions by taking a look at quadratic functions.

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