One Easy Rule for Dividing and Multiplying Integers!

This last rule for dividing and multiplying integers is the easiest of all! One simple rule to remember regarding the sign and everything else is just as you learned it in 4th grade!

If the signs are the SAME, then the answer is POSITIVE.

If the signs are DIFFERENT, then the answer is NEGATIVE.

That's it - multiply and divide as you normally would and then apply these rules to determine the sign!

Ready for a few examples?


1.  7(-6) = -42   The signs are different (positive 7 and

negative 6), so the answer is negative.

2.  -4(-5) = 20   The signs are the same (negative 4 and

negative 5), so the answer is positive.

3.  -4/2= -2   The signs are different (negative 4 and

positive 2), so the answer is negative.

Ok... your turn to try! Here's a few practice problems!

Let's Practice Dividing and Multiplying Integers

1.   5(-3) = _____

2.    -25/-5 = _____

3.   -8(-3) = _____

4.   -42/ 7 = _____

5.   9(-3) = _____

6.   -10(-3) = _____

7.   81/-9 = _____

Pretty easy? Hopefully you remembered your multiplication and division facts!

Let's Check Your Answers!

1.  -15  Signs are different, so the answer is negative.

2.  5  Signs are the same, so the answer is positive.

3.  24  Signs are the same, so the answer is positive.

4.  -6  Signs are different, so the answer is negative.

5.  -27  Signs are different, so the answer is negative.

6.  30  Signs are the same, so the answer is positive.

7.  -9  Signs are different, so the answer is negative.

Wow! Great Job! Now that you know all the rules for integers, you are ready to move onto the Distributive Property!

Unit 2: A Study of Integers

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Lesson 1: Integers and Absolute Value

Lesson 2: Comparing and Ordering Integers

Lesson 3: Adding Integers

Lesson 4: Subtracting Integers

Lesson 5: Multiplying and Dividing Integers


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