It's Time to Feel Confident, Complete Your Homework Quickly, and Finally Understand What You Are Doing In Algebra!

The Algebra Class E-course is a quick and easy way to master Algebra concepts. It will allow you to build math confidence, ace your tests, raise your grades, all without taking too much of your time!

Hello, I'm Karin Hutchinson.

If you are like many of the students who email me on a daily basis, you may be searching for a way to understand your Algebra lessons, ace your tests, and raise your grades.

If you are completely frustrated in math class, feel more lost each and every day, or feel like you will never understand Algebra, then I have the perfect solution for you!

Here's how I can help...

Before Algebra-class was born, I was a teacher for 10 years!  So, I know exactly how you are feeling.  I've seen the frustrated faces and I spent many hours after school helping students who just couldn't get it.

Algebra is not an easy subject to grasp for many students and as my daughter says, "It's like learning a foreign language".  I'm sure that's how it feels for many students!

BUT...just because it's not easy or because it feels like a foreign language doesn't mean that you can't conquer it!!

How Can You Conquer Algebra?

With the right instruction, you can make sense of Algebra and conquer it!

Most likely, you are struggling because you have a bunch of formulas and processes that you need to memorize in order to solve your problems. It's impossible to keep it all straight and remember each process! 

That's not the best way to learn.

Instead, you must understand each individual concept, why it works, and how they all work together.  When you understand what you are doing, it makes sense, and there's no memorization needed!

That's how I'm going to teach you!  I've broken every concept down into bite size pieces that make sense!  When you pull all these bite size pieces together you understand each process from beginning to end.

This eliminates the frustrations and builds confidence, which is just what you need!

So... How Can Algebra Class Help You Make Sense of Algebra?

You will have Access to Over 100 Video Lessons

Why so many lessons, you might ask?  Well, you are pretty much guaranteed to understand Algebra because I've broken all of the lessons down into bite sized pieces. 

With step-by-step videos that walk you through over 420 examples, you will have no problems understanding that foreign language that we call Algebra!

You will build a strong foundation in the Pre-algebra basics

You can't be successful in Algebra or any higher level math class without a strong foundation in the basics!  That's why we will start at the very beginning reviewing integers, properties, and expressions.

As you enter each new unit, you will have a strong foundation of skills that will ensure your success!

You will have access to organizers and special strategies that I don't share on my website!

You'll start with my solving equations organizer that will help you to solve any equation. Solving equations is the basis of your foundation.  It's one of the most important skills that you will learn in Algebra!

Many students get frustrated right from the beginning with complex equations, but I guarantee that you won't when you use the Solving Equations Organizer that is only found in this course!

Another organizer that you won't want to be without is my Word Problem organizer!  The DREADED Word Problems...  Everyone hates them, but once you learn to dissect the problem, you will be teaching others how to solve these real world problems!

You will have lots of opportunity for practice!

I know, who wants more work, right?  But... the only way to truly understand these concepts is to complete a few problems.  This builds confidence to keep moving forward. 

You will have access to thousands of practice problems and NO, you don't have to  complete all of them!

You will have step-by-step answer keys for every lesson

I know you are busy!  You have tons of homework in addition to all of your evening activities.  That's why I am going to save you so much time!  Isn't it frustrating when you have to take a half-hour or longer to figure out how to get the right answer? 

That's why I provide you with step-by-step answer keys!  You can compare your answers to the key and find your mistake instantly.  What I LOVE most about it is that you learn the best by analyzing your mistakes. This makes it quick, easy, and adds to the learning experience!

You  can access algebra class from anywhere

You are busy and always on the go!  I understand and sometimes you might have to study a little on the road.  You can access Algebra Class via the internet and study from anywhere!  Yep... there's no excuses!

Who Should Take This Online Algebra Class?

This online algebra class was created with "Any" Algebra student in mind.

It's perfect for the home school student who is looking for an easy to understand curriculum that allows for independent study.

It's also perfect for a middle or high school student who needs extra help with their Algebra class. This course can be used very much like a personal tutor who costs over $50 an hour.

Many teachers and tutors use it for students who are falling behind in class and need an independent Algebra course.

I also have many adults purchase the curriculum so that they can brush up on their skills before taking an introductory Algebra class in college or if they are attempting to pass the college entrance exams.

It's a very versatile program, and users of all different ages and backgrounds have had huge success with the program.

How Does The Online Algebra Class Work?

You will log in to the E-course from any computer that you choose.

  • You will start by watching a video lesson. Each video explains the concept in "bite size pieces". Through several examples, you are guided step by step through the process.
  • You are also given a pre-designed "notes worksheet" to take notes on as you watch the video. In this way, you'll have notes to refer back to when completing your practice problems.
  • You will then have ample practice problems to complete in order to fully master each skill. Each set of practice problems ends with a small formative assessment to make sure that you've mastered the skill.
  • The BEST part is that you will have step-by-step solutions to every single problem! You will never have to spend time trying to figure out where you made your mistake. This allows you to learn from your mistakes and to fully understand the concept.
  • If you are using this online algebra class as your only curriculum (for home schooling or teaching purposes), I've also included chapter quizzes, tests, and a mid-term and final exam. (Yes - with step-by-step solutions!)

Algebra Ecourse Worksheet examples

It Really Does Work...

Take a look at this email that I received from a struggling mother of five...

Dear Karin,

I am a 38 year old mother of five who has never done mathematics in high school. I am considering a career change so I need mathematics desperately. In my attempts to learn high school math.

I had tried several programs from the internet. I had bought at least three maths programs locally. Then I Googled something on equations and came across your web page. As I have stated earlier in the previous email, it is the best! I have not seen anything that comes close to your material.

You have taken away my frustration and made learning math very easy and fun for me. For me, your course explains even better than one of the high school teachers whose services I had acquired to help with my studies. I literally came from one of his classes crying, thinking that I had become so dumb that I could not comprehend a thing in what he was trying to explain.

Until I used your material, I felt that mathematics was not for "dummies" like me. Since I started using your program less than 4 weeks ago, I already feel like one of the Professors in Mathematics.

I am learning from home now without any math tutor. I love math. You are a great teacher. Thank you very much.



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I know you are wondering if this program will cover the units that you are studying.

Below is a list of all the units and the lessons contained in the units. If you are using this as a curriculum, you can see that this Algebra Course contains a very thorough study of Algebra. If you are using this as a supplement to your studies, you will find many individual lessons guaranteed to suit your needs.

So... What Units Will You Study?

Pre-Algebra Review

  • Integers
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Order of Operations
  • Like Terms and Distributive Property
  • Distributive Property
  • Intro to Matrices
  • Using Formulas

Solving Equations

  • Intro to Equations
  • One-Step Equations
    (4 lessons)
  • Mixed Review Practice
  • Two-Step Equations
  • Distributive Property Equations
  • Equations with Fractions
  • Literal Equations
  • Variables on Both Sides
  • Word Problems
  • Absolute Value
  • Absolute Value Pt 2

Graphing Equations

  • Graphing Points
  • Table of Values
  • Calculating Slope
  • Graphing Slope
  • Slope Intercept Form
  • Finding Slope Given 2 Points
  • Rate of Change
  • Standard Form Equations (1)
  • Standard Form Equations (2)
  • Graphing Absolute Value Equations

Writing Equations

  • Slope Intercept Form
  • Standard Form
  • Word Problems
  • Slope and a Point
  • Two Points
  • Point-slope Form
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • Line of Best Fit
  • Cumulative Test on Units 1-3

Systems of Equations

  • Graphing Systems
  • Substitution Method
  • Linear Combinations Method
    Addition & Multiplication Methods
  • Systems Word Problems
  • Systems in Three Variables


  • Intro to Inequalities
  • Solving Inequalities in 1 Variable
  • More Solving Inequalities
  • Inequality Word Problems
  • Sets
  • Compound Inequalities
  • Absolute Value Inequalities
  • Graphing Linear Inequalities
  • More Graphing Inequalities
  • Absolute Value Inequalities
  • Systems of Inequalities

Relations & Functions

  • Relations
  • Identifying Functions
  • Evaluating Functions
  • Domain and Range
  • Linear Functions
  • Linear Functions (2)
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Quadratic Functions (2)
  • One More Look at Functions


  • Review of Exponents
  • Compound Interest
  • Laws of Exponents
  • Multiplying Monomials
  • Dividing Monomials
  • Complex Expressions
  • Zero and Negative Exponents
  • Scientific Notation


  • Adding Polynomials
  • Subtracting Polynomials
  • Multiplying Polynomials
  • Using FOIL
  • Special Binomials
  • More Multiplying Polynomials

Factoring Polynomials

  • Introduction to Factoring
  • Using the GCF
  • Factoring Trinomials
  • Factoring Special Trinomials
  • More Factoring Trinomials
  • Cumulative Test on Polynomials and Factoring

Quadratic Equations

  • Square Roots
  • Simple Quadratic Equations
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Solving By Factoring
  • More Factoring
  • Graphing Quadratic Equations
  • Quadratic Formula
  • Discriminants
  • Discriminants When Graphing
  • Problem Solving

Exponential Equations

Coming Soon!

You'll have instant access to all twelve units of the Algebra Class curriculum, plus a mid-term and final exam!

Is it Affordable?

Think about how much it would cost to hire a tutor for one hour a week....

About $50 an hour is the going rate around here in Maryland.

That adds up to about $200 a month for just 4 hours of help.

You can have access to the hundreds of Algebra lessons in Algebra Class (for a full year) for the same exact price that you would pay for just one hour of tutoring.

YES, for just $49.99 you can have access to the entire program.

As a BONUS, I've also included the first five units of the Algebra 2 program. Algebra 2 is currently a work in progress and lessons will be added as they are completed.

If you know that you will only need the program for a few months, I also offer a monthly subscription of $9.99 per month.

You Should Definitely Try It Out First!

If you are like me, I don't like to buy anything unless I give it a try first. I like to see what it is all about before I invest time or money into it.

So, I'm going to give you 2 free units! This way, you can try it out, see if it works for you and make sure my videos don't put you to sleep!

Click the button below to access the following two units:

  • Pre-Algebra Review
  • Solving Equations (1st Unit in the Algebra 1 Program)

It's Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

Every package is backed by my 30 day guarantee. I am so confident that you will find success with Algebra Class, that I will give you 30 full days to use the workbook and video tutorials. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, just contact me and I will promptly refund your money!

If you have questions regarding your Algebra Class purchase, you may contact me at: 410-937-8468 or you can contact me via email and I will respond in less than 24 hours.

Sign up Now for only $9.99 per month OR Save more than 60% and subscribe for a Whole Year for just $49.99

(Plus you can sign up risk free. Should you not be happy at any time within the next 30 days, just send me an email and I will refund your payment promptly.)

Pre-Algebra Review &

Solving Equations Units

All Algebra units.

$9.99 per month (recurring charge)

or $49.99 per year

That's right, all you have to do is choose a user name and password and you will have instant access to the entire Algebra Class curriculum! There is absolutely nothing that you have to download! It can't get much easier!

Please Note: You will not receive an actual book in the mail. This is an online course, and all materials can be saved or printed from your computer. You will access all worksheets and videos once you login to the secure online course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I order and for some reason it doesn't work for me? We know that everyone has different learning styles. If you feel that you are not mastering Algebra 1, simply contact me (within 30 days of signing up) and I will refund your money promptly. (I've only had one return and that was because the customer thought this curriculum covered Algebra 2.)

Will I receive the books in the mail? No, this is an E-course and all of the materials can be printed. You will login and have access to all materials. Nothing will arrive in the mail.

Can I try it out before I purchase? Yes. You can sign up for the free Pre-algebra unit. It's a pre-algebra refresher and it will give you an idea of how the E-course is set up. You can sign up here.

Does this program work with Mac computers? Yes, you can use a Mac computer, a PC computer, or a tablet. All videos are formatted to be viewed on all computers.

What if I'm a teacher and need multiple logins for my students? Contact me and I will give you my group rates for schools or teachers.

What if I have trouble logging on or need technical support? Simply contact me through the website and I will respond within 24 hours, usually must sooner. I can also be reached by phone at 410-937-8468.

Do I have to use Pay Pal? No, you may use pay pal or you can use your credit card. The box below the Pay Pal payment information is the link for using your credit card.

What if I want to cancel my monthly subscription? You can login to your pay pal account at any time to cancel your automatic payments. Once you login, go to Profile and then My Money then click update on My Pre approved Payments. Here you can cancel your automatic payment to Algebra Class.

Is your payment processor secure? Yes! I use Pay Pal and it's very secure. You can verify this by checking your address bar on the payment page. It will start with https if the payment page is secure.

Can I pay by check or money order?Yes! If you are not comfortable with using your credit card or pay pal, simply contact me and I will give you an address to send the payment.

Create your user name and password and get started instantly.

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Pre-Algebra Review &

Solving Equations Units

All Algebra units.

$9.99 per month (recurring charge)

or $49.99 per year