SAT Math Practice
Are You Prepared?

Even the most studious students must prepare for the SAT Exam. The SAT Exam not only assesess your knowledge of Math, but more so assess your knowledge of test taking strategies!

The Math section of the SAT focuses on: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and statistics and probability. You are given two different formats throughout the test for answer choices: multiple choice and grid-ins.

There are many many resources out there for SAT Math Practice. There's everything from one-on-one tutoring, to group tutoring sessions, learning software, ebooks, and a lot of free resources. I will share some of the resources that I feel will be useful in your SAT preparation.

The first thing that you should look for with any resource, whether it be a live tutor or materials, is make sure that they are using actual test questions from the Official SAT guide. Many previous SAT questions are available and this is important because it helps you to become familiar with the types of questions and the wording that is used on the SAT. Using these materials will better prepare you for the test.

Many SAT Math Practice Tests are offered for free in SAT study guides. These tests are great at the end of your study session because it serves as a "practice" test before the actual test. However, as you are preparing for the test it is much easier to study the topics one by one. This will help you to identify your strong areas and the weak areas that you need to focus on.

Great FREE SAT Resources

I found a great FREE resource on from This Free Math SAT Prep has all of the Math skills assessed on the SAT listed and as you click on each, you will find questions from the Official SAT test Guide on that particular topic. This allows you to study questions on each topic independently. Don't forget to print out the answer key at the very top so that you can check all of your answers. also offers tutoring services at a very reasonable rate. So, if you go through each math topic and find that you are really struggling with say, inequalities, you can get tutoring services through this website. If you use discount code FSE49, you will get 15% off your first purchase. All of the printed materials on this page are FREE, so use them -it's the best that I've found!

Once you are comfortable with each individual topic, then you can take the official SAT Math Practice tests. The following links are from the Official SAT board with official SAT questions.

  • Multiple Choice Questions from the makers of the SAT test.
  • Student Produced Responses from the makers of the SAT test.
  • Understand the topics that are assessed on the test.
  • Several Practice Tests
  • Test Taking Strategies

    If you utilize a few test taking strategies when taking the SAT, you will definitely boost your score.

  • The question sets are usually presented in order from easiest questions to the most difficult questions. My first test taking strategy is to work through the earlier, easier questions more quickly so that you have time for the most difficult questions later.
  • Remember that this is a timed test, so bring a watch and keep track of your time! Don't spend too much time on one or two problems, because any problems that are not complete are counted as incorrect.
  • Try to use process of elimination with multiple choice questions. Don't randomly guess - for most question, you can easily eliminate 2 of the answers in order to make a more educated guess.
  • For multiple choice questions you can sometimes use substitution as a way of solving the problem. Substitute an answer into the original problem and see if it works. This can be a faster method if you don't know how to solve the problem.
  • Bring your calculator! Calculator are allowed, but they are not necessary.
  • Rest the night before the test!
  • I wish you the best of luck on the SAT!

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