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Solving Systems Using Substitution
Practice Problems

substitution method practice problems

Now that you've completed the Substitution Method lesson, you are ready to practice a few on your own.

Remember these tips for using the substitution method:

Steps for Using the Substitution Method in order to Solve Systems of Equations

  • Solve 1 equation for 1 variable. (Put in y =     or x =     form)

  • Substitute this expression into the other equation and solve for the missing variable.

  • Substitute your answer into the first equation and solve.

  • Check the solution.

Ok, your turn...

Directions: Use the substitution method to solve the following systems of equations.

1.  x - 2y = -10
     3x - y = 0

2.  x +3y = 2
     -x +2y = 3

Let's check your answers.

Answer Key

substitution method

substitution method practice

So, how did you do? Are you ready to learn about how to use linear combinations (addtion and/or multiplication method) to solve systems of equations?

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