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Solving Systems of Equations
Using the Combination Method
(Addition Method)

Now that you've studied the Combination Method examples for solving systems of equations, I know you are anxious to practice a few on your own. Ready? Try these two practice problems. Review the examples if you need help, and check your answers using the answer key below. Good luck, I know you can do it.

Quickly review the steps and get started.

    Steps for Using Linear Combinations (Addition Method)

  • Arrange the equations with like terms in columns.

  • Analyze the coefficients of x or y. Multiply one or both equations by an appropriate number to obtain new coefficients that are opposites

  • Add the equations and solve for the remaining variable.

  • Substitute the value into either equation and solve.

  • Check the solution.

1.    2x +3y = 5

-x +2y = 8

2.    2x - 3y = 17

3x +2y = 6

Need More Practice?

With the more difficult concepts in Algebra, the only way to really feel comfortable with the skill, is to practice, practice, practice! The Algebra Class E-courses allow you to not only practice, but it also allows you to check every step of your solution. There's never any question as to where you may have made a mistake! For many, this is the only way to correct your errors and become more proficient with the skill.

Answer Key

Check your answers to the practice problems with the step-by-step solutions below.

Problem 1

system of equations practice problems

Problem 2

linear combinations answers

Great Job! Now you are ready to move onto solving real world problems!

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