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Your Guide to Teaching Algebra
Welcome Teachers!

teaching algebra

Welcome to the world of Teaching Algebra! Don't you LOVE it? I do! I know your job is extremely difficult!

Plus, it's hard to find good Algebra resources for you and your students! Believe me - I've spent HOURS searching for practice problems,tests, quizzes ...

How Can You Use the Algebra Class E-course in Your Classroom?

As a former Middle School Teacher, I had students in mind when I created this E-course. There are so many ways that this course can make your lesson planning so much easier. No more staying late and trying to plan for the next day!

When Teaching Algebra, You Can Use This E-course for....

  • After school tutoring sessions where students can work on independently targeted skills.

  • Differentiated instruction for students who are falling behind or need extra help.

  • As a re-teach homework assignment for students who don't demonstrate understanding of your lesson or for absent students.

  • Homework/Classwork practice problems for every lesson in an Algebra 1 curriculum. All worksheets also have step-by-step answers to all problems.

  • Have students use the detailed answer keys to check their own work.

  • Helping students understand complex concepts using the unique graphic organizers only available through Algebra Class

  • Ready to use quizzes, tests, final exam, and mid-term exam.

I know you spend a lot of time planning and differentiating your instruction to meet the needs of your students. Algebra Class offers independent study for students who need to focus on targeted skills and it allows you to meet the needs of several students at one time.

Many schools will need to purchase multiple site licenses or order for multiple students to use the program simultaneously. I do offer discounts for schools and teachers, so please contact me if you would like to purchase an account for more than one student (or group of students).

Click here for more detailed information on the Algebra 1 E-course package.

Create your user name and password and get started instantly.

Are you studying Algebra for a short period of time? You can sign up for just $9.99 per month.

Or.. are you studying Algebra for the whole year? Save more than $100 by signing up for a whole year for just $49.99.

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Just Need the Worksheets?

If you just need the worksheets and don't need the video instruction, you do have the option of just purchasing the E-book which contains all of the printed material. For more information on this package, please click here.

risk free

Every package is backed by my 60 day guarantee. I am so confident that you will find success with Algebra Class, that I will give you 60 full days to use the workbook and video tutorials. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, just contact me and I will promptly refund your money!

If you have questions regarding your Algebra Class purchase, you may contact me at: 410-937-8468 or you can contact me via email and I will respond in less than 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I order and for some reason it doesn't work for me? We know that everyone has different learning styles. If you feel that you are not mastering Algebra 1, simply contact me (within 60 days of signing up) and I will refund your money promptly. (I've only had one return and that was because the customer thought this curriculum covered Algebra 2.)

Will I receive the books in the mail that are shown on website? No, the books are simply a graphic. This is an E-course and all of the materials can be printed. You will login and have access to all materials. Nothing will arrive in the mail.

Can I try it out before I purchase? Yes, I have one unit that you can access for free. It's a pre-algebra refresher and it will give you an idea of how the E-course is set up. You can sign up here.

Does this program work with Mac computers? Yes, you can use a Mac computer, a PC computer, or a tablet. All videos are formatted to be viewed on all computers.

What if I'm a teacher and need multiple logins for my students? Contact me and I will give you my group rates for schools or teachers.

What if I have trouble logging on or need technical support? Simply contact me through the website and I will respond within 24 hours, usually must sooner. I can also be reached by phone at 410-937-8468.

Do I have to use Pay Pal? No, you may use pay pal or you can use your credit card. The box below the Pay Pal payment information is the link for using your credit card.

Is your payment processor secure? Yes! I use Pay Pal and it's very secure. You can verify this by checking your address bar on the payment page. It will start with https if the payment page is secure.

Can I pay by check or money order?Yes! If you are not comfortable with using your credit card or pay pal, simply contact me and I will give you an address to send the payment.

Get rid of that frustration and math anxiety today!

Create your user name and password and get started instantly!

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Have a great school year.

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