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Algebra Made Easy, Issue #002 -- Solving Equations Tips
August 31, 2009

Welcome to Algebra Made Easy!

Well, it is September (one of my favorite months of the year) and I hope that everyone has had a positive and successful return to school! If you are a teacher, I know first hand how exciting it is to meet your new students and planning all of the wonderful activities for the year.

If you are a student, it's exciting to see all of your friends again, but also I know deep down, you are thinking about all of the wonderful things you are going to learn!


Whatever you do this year, stay positive! Your goals are attainable, if you put your mind to it! Best of luck in your studies!

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have a question or comment!

I wish you well in your Algebra studies!

All the best,


Here's a Guaranteed Way to Ace Your Solving Equations Unit!

Typically, most Algebra 1 curriculum begins with a week of reviewing integers, algebraic expressions, and the distributive property. These are all the basic skills needed for success in Algebra 1.

During this week make sure that you (or your child) really focuses on memorizing their integer rules! I've had students who were able to complete the steps to solve equations, but always had an incorrect answer because they couldn't add or subtract integers!

After this brief review, most teachers typically move right on to solving equations. This is also an important chapter in Algebra 1, as you will utilize this skill throughout the entire curriculum.

This is also, often times, a breaking point for a lot of students. If students have difficulty with this first chapter, many times they just give up for the rest of the year!

So, I've come up with a "Solving Equations Study Guide" to help students solve equations!

What is the Solving Equations Study Guide?

The Solving Equations study guide is a 7 step process that helps guide students through each step of solving an equation. This is a great resource for students who have trouble remembering "what to do next!"

This original Solving Equations Study Guide can only be found in My latest ebook:

"Unlocking the Door to Algebra - Unit 1 - Solving Equations".

Within the ebook you will find over 100 pages of examples, practice problems, quizzes, and a test for the entire Solving Equations unit. The best part about the book, is you get an answer key for every problem with every step necessary to solve the problem! So, if you are considering a tutor (for $30-60 an hour), you may want to reconsider! With this Ebook, you can teach yourself, or your child how to solve equations!

The Solving Equations Unit is typically about 12-15 school days. So, that's about 3 weeks long! Let's say you get a tutor at $30 an hour, once a week. That's $90! $90 and your tutor may not have time to cover all the topics that you need help with! So, what should you do? Tutor yourself, or your child! Just think of how much fun you can have learning together!

I am running a back to school special! You'll save 50% if you order by September 8th! If you are going to be studying equations, try it out! There is a risk-free guarantee - so if it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll return your money!

Click here to order the Solving Equations Ebook!

A Peak Inside the Solving Equations Study Guide

Ok... This is "Algebra Made Easy" and I want to make Algebra easier for you to understand! So, I'm going to share my 7 step process for Solving Equations!

In the Ebook, these 7 steps are set up in a graphic organizer for students to use when solving equations! There are also several examples using the Study Guide, so that students have a model!

The Seven Step Process for Solving Equations!

1. Does your equation have fractions?

Yes - Multiply every term in the equation (on both sides) by the denominator.

No - Go to step 2.

2. Does your equation involve the distributive property?

Yes- Rewrite the equation using the distributive property for the terms involved.

No - Go to step 3.

3. On either side of the equation, do you have like terms that can be combined?

Yes - Rewrite the equation with like terms together. Don't forget to take the sign in front of the term! Then rewrite the equation again, combining the like terms!

No - Go to step 4.

4. Do you have variables on both sides of the equation?

Yes - Add or subtract the terms to get all the variables on one side and all the constants on the other side. Then go to step 6.

No - Go to step 5.

5. At this point, you should have a basic two-step equation to solve. If you do not, go back and recheck your steps above.

Now use your two-step equation rules to solve for the variable.

  • Use addition or subtraction to remove any constants from the variable side of the equation.

    6. Use multiplication or division to remove any coefficients from the variable side of the equation.

    7. Now you should have an answer! You should check your answer to make sure it's correct. Substitute your answer into the original equation and evaluate!

  • Those are the 7 steps that you can follow to solve any equation. It works best with equations that involve at least two-steps to solve.

    This study guide is not really necessary for one-step equations.

    I hope that you find this useful in your studies. If you want to see examples of problems using the study guide, check my eBook, "Unlocking the Door to Algebra - Unit 1 - Solving Equations.

    What's New on

    I've been working hard on my first eBook, so I had to take a little break from building the website. However, I have started the Functions unit and I will be completing that unit this month!

    I'm trying to stay ahead of the Algebra curriculum for this year ~ so hopefully you won't move ahead of me!

    Questions ?

    Thank you to everyone who completed my survey on It really helps to know my audience as I continue to add lessons to the website!

    If you have a question or comment, please contact me. I will be glad to help you in anyway that I can!

    I hope that you have a wonderful start to the school year! Work hard and be a Success!

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