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What is a Factor?

As we begin our study of fractions, we need to have a clear understanding of factors. So, what is a factor? A factor is a number that divides into another number without a remainder. So, for example, 5 is a factor of 20 because 20/5 = 4. There is no remainder. You can also think of factors as the numbers that you multiply together in order to obtain a product. For example, 4 and 5 are factors of 20 because 4(5) = 20.

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Algebra help- Detailed Examples, Practice Problems, Videos and E-courses for Algebra 1

Algebra lessons with detailed examples and videos designed and taught by a teacher.

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Online Algebra Class

An affordable online Algebra Class for students who are struggling with Algebra 1

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Algebra Video - How Algebra Class Works

Check out this Algebra Video on how the online Algebra Class Works

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FAQ for Algebra Class

FAQ for the Online Algebra Class

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Free Pre-Algebra Worksheets and Ecourse

Check out the FREE Algebra Class Ecourse Units and Pre-Algebra worksheets

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Homeschool Algebra

Looking to homeschool Algebra? Algebra Class is an affordable, easy to use program guaranteed build a solid foundation in your Algebra studies.

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Algebra Curriculum

Supplement your algebra curriculum with worksheets and video tutorials guaranteed to help your students succeed.

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Algebra Tutorials

Online algebra tutorials guaranteed to help adults and college students succeed in Algebra 1.

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Learn How to Simplify a Square Root in 2 Easy Steps

Learning how to simplify a square root can be broken down into 2 easy steps. First think of the factors and determine if one of those factors is a perfect square.

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What is a Square Root?

What is a square root? For many, this term is difficult to understand so, I'm going to show you a few different ways to think about square roots.

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Distributive Property

Your step by step guide to using the distributive property in order to simplify expressions.

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Using the Radical Sign or Symbol

The radical sign is used when taking the square root or the nth root of a number.

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Algebra Practice Test

Ever wonder how you are doing in Algebra 1? Or are you wondering if you remember Algebra 1 after many many years of being in high school? I've designed an Algebra practice test that will not only help you to practice your test taking skills, but it will also help you to identify your strengths in Algebra and the areas where you need help.

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Algebra 1 worksheets

I have used the Algebra Cheat Sheets with my ninth grade Algebra 1 students . They seem to really like the cheat sheets as a study guide. I have also used

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Technology in the classroom

How do you use technology in your classroom? Because our state test are computer based, we want our students to be familiar with working their algebra

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Algebra Class Testimonial

I have no ideas for improvement, sorry. But...I would like to thank you for your program and the affordability of it. My daughter tried about three

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Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent fractions are very easy to write and identify. Use these step by step examples to learn how to master fractions.

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SAT Online Course

Here's a proven SAT online course that teaches all of the strategies and shortcuts required for ACEING the SAT test, so that you can obtain the score you desire in just 1 try!

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Solving Compound Inequalities

There are actually two different ways to approach solving compound inequalities. The first method is to separate this into two different inequalities and solve each independently. The second method is to solve both parts at the same time. I will show you both ways and you can decide which is best for you.

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