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Multiplying Polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials requires two prerequisite skills. You must be able to apply the laws of exponents and the distributive property. The main rule that you need to remember is:

When you multiply terms that contain powers:

Multiply the coefficients and add the exponents!

multiplying polynomials rules

Ok.. now let's move on!

In our first example, pay close attention to how the distributive property is used.

Example 1

multiplying polynomials

Did notice the distributive property? As we distributed the term, we multiplied the coefficients and added the exponents of like bases. That was a pretty easy example.

Let's look at a problem that's a little more complex.

Example 2

multiplying polynomials

In this example you have to be careful that you only add the exponents of like bases.

With multiplying, you just have to be very careful that you add exponents of like bases for each set of terms that you are multiplying. It's best to work slowly and carefully.

Now it's your turn to try one. In this problem, you must distribute a negative. Make sure you watch your sign for each term.

practice polynomials

Practice Problem

multiplying polynomials practice problem

Answer Key

multiplying polynomials solution

Great Job Multiplying! Now you are ready to use a special method called the FOIL method in order to multiply two binomials.

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