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In this lesson, we will determine the probability of two events that are independent of one another. Let's first discuss what the term independent means in terms of probability.

Two events, A and B, are independent if the outcome of A does not affect the outcome of B.

In many cases, you will see the term, "With replacement". As we study a few probability problems, I will explain how "replacement" allows the events to be independent of each other.

Let's take a look at an example.

Example 1

probability of independent events

Example 1 is pretty easy to comprehend because we are finding the probability of two different events using two different tools. Let's see what happens when we use one tool, like a jar of marbles.

Example 2

probability of independent events
probability of independent events

This method for calculating the probability of independent events also works if you have more than 2 events occuring sequentially. Check out the practice problem below.

Ok, now it's your turn to practice a probability problem that involves independent events. Just remember to find the probability of each independent event first, then multiply the results together.

probabilily problems

Practice Problems

probability of independent events

Answer Key

probability of independent events

So, how did you do? Independent Events isn't too bad - now we'll take a look at dependent events.


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