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Quadratic Formula

When in doubt, use the quadratic formula! This formula allows us to solve any type of quadratic equation.

If the equation can be factored, factoring is usually the quicker method. However, not all equations can be factored easily. In this case, the quadratic formula always works. It just takes a little more time due to the heavy computation. But... it's not hard.

The Quadratic Formula

quadratic formula

Once you substitute the values for a, b, and c, you'll just need to use some basic math to arrive at the solution. It's really pretty easy. Take a look!

Example 1

using the quadratic formula


You can use the quadratic formula to solve ANY quadratic equation.

Let's take a look at one more example. We'll look at a real world application using quadratic equations.

Example 2

using the quadratic formula
quadratic formula real world problems

Are you ready to try one? Remember to substitute the values for a, b, and c into the formuala. Then it's just a matter of computing.

Practice Problem

quadratic formula practice problem

Answer Key

quadratic formula solutions

Great Job! Memorize this formual and you can solve ANY quadratic equation.

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