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Systems of Inequalities
Practice Problems

systems of inequalities practice problems

Now that you've studied all of the steps required for solving systems of inequalities word problems, I know you are anxious to practice some on your own. Yes, of course you are. This is the true test of how well you studied this unit on inequalities.

Just a few things to remember before diving into these problems:

  • Read each problems twice. The second time - use your highlighter to highlight the key words.

  • Focus on the inequality symbol and make sure that it makes sense in relation to the context of the problem.

  • As you create your graph, remember that only the part that is shaded by both inequalities is the solution area.

  • Don't forget to answer the question given in the problem. This is the purpose for solving the problem. (Hint: It's always best to answer questions to word problems in complete sentences.)

  • It's always a good idea to check your answers. If the problem asks you to justify your answer, then that means that you must show the work for checking your answer.

Ok... let's get down to business. Click here to print out a grid for your Practice Problems.Here are your two problems.

Practice Problems

inequality word problems

Answer Key

Check each problem carefully and make sure that your inequality symbols are correct. You'll also want to make sure that your graph is correct and that the shaded area is the same as the answer key.

Problem 1

systems of inequalities
system of inequality answers
system of inequality solutions

Your final answer may vary depending on which ordered pairs you choose from the solution set. Just make sure that your answer makes sense in relation to the problem.

Problem 2

systems of inequalities practice
systems of inequalities answers

How did you do? Feeling pretty good about inequalities? Hope so, if not go back and review all of the examples and try again.

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