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Area of a Parallelogram

by Alex

Need help...

The area of a parallelogram is 252 cm2 and base is 42 cm. Use ALGEBRA to find the height of the parallelogram. Include your formula and units. Show all steps...

Karin from Algebra-Class says:

The formula for the area of a parallelogram is:
A = bh Area = base times height

So, you are given A = 252 & b = 42

Let's substitute:
A = bh
252 = 42h

Now, we'll solve for h

252/42 = 42h/42
6 = h

Therefore, the height is 6 cm.

I hope this helps.

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Nov 11, 2012
please solve
by: Anonymous

my is the nearly same pls solve- the base of the parallelogram is 15 less than the thrice of its height. if the area of the parallelogram is 252cm-2
then find its base. please help!

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