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I'm going to open this page back up for question on how to solve particular algebra problems that you may have.  I became overwhelmed with the number of submissions in the past, so I'm hoping to be able to manage answering as many questions as possible. 

If I am unable to answer all the questions, I'm hoping other Algebra-class users will be able to step in a comment to help each other out!

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Rate and Fractions Problem 
Fred washes the car in 8 minutes. Al washes the same car in 6 minutes how long will it take both of them to wash the car together?

Using the Area Formula 
Determine the total amount of fertilizer in ounces (oz) needed to fertilize a rectangular lot with dimensions 24 yd by 21 yd if 3 oz of fertilizer is needed …

Equations with Absolute Value 
Here is the question. It is 3 absolute value of x divided by 9 plus 7 equals 8.

Inequality equations 
The question asks to write and solve an inequality to find the length of a rectangle and to write an inequality to find the area of the rectangle. …

Using the Substitution Method 
Use Substitution to solve the system of equations 4x + y = 0 2y + x = -7

Solving Inequalities 
Solve negative six less than or equal to 3x-15 less than equal to 12. Graph your solution.

System of Inequalities 
How do you solve: Ho sells ice cream cones at the county fair. She has to rent the equipment for $48 and spend $0.53 on ingredients for each cone. Write …

Combining Like Terms 
Can you use the combining like terms method for something like this? 9a-a+15-10a-6

I have a question about reciprocals in One Step Multiplication equation section. My book shows the reciprocal of -2/3 as -3/2. Is this correct? …

Simplifying Fractions 
In a paragraph, describe how to simplify each expression. 161/2

Solving Equations with Fractions 
Please help to solve this equation with fractions: -5= -19- x/7 Karin from Algebra Class says: Whenever you have a fraction within an equation, …

Writing Linear Equations Given a Graph 
I am in online school, and in my algebra 1 class there are several questions that have to do with writing an equation in slope intercept form from the …

Solving Quadratic Equations 
A person plants two square plots for garden. the of the areas of both plots is 225 square feet. If the side of one plot is 3 feet longer than the side …

Writing and Solving Equations 
Find the measure of the largest angle of a triangle if it's 3 times as large as the smallest angle and the second angle is 20 degrees larger than the …

Writing and Solving Systems of Equations 
The sum of Eli's age and Cecil's age is 60. Six years ago, Eli was three times as old as Cecil.Find Eli's age now. Karin from Algebra Class Says: …

Distance Formula Word Problems 
If a person can travel 20 miles upstream in 10 hours and the same distance downstream in 2.5 hours, find the rate of the current. Karin from Algebra …

Writing and Solving a System of Equations 
Please help me to solve this problem: From 1970-1990, the average annual per person consumption of whole milk in the U.S. dropped from 103 to 43 quarts. …

System of Equations Word Problem 
Five hats and three scarves cost $99. While three hats and five scarves cost $85. Find the cost of one hat.

Variables on Both Sides 

Solving Linear Systems of Equations 
12 apples & 8 guavas total cost is Rs. 76/-. 8 apples & 12 guavas cost is Rs. 64/-. What is the cost of each apple & guava?

Rewriting Inequalities 
Hi! Your site has really helped! I just have a little question... What happens when the inequality is like follows: x>11 + y? How do we rewrite the …

Interest Word Problems 
Sam invested 11000 in an acct that pays 11% apr. How much additional money must be invested in an acct that pays an apr of 14% so that the total interest …

Linear Systems of Equations 
I'm using graph and check to solve the linear system. My first equation is: 2x-y=2 I changed it to: -y=(-2)x+2 What do I do with the minus sign?

How To Solve A Problem With Variables On Both Sides? 
I can't figure out how to solve an equation with variables on both sides. For example: 25u+74=23u+92

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Area formula problem 
A room is 15 ft long and y feet wide. How many square yards are in the floor area?

Writing a System of Equations 
Find the equations to: Alice spent $131 on shoes. Sneakers cost $15 and Fits cost $28. If she bought a total of 7 shoes, then how many of each kind of …

Word problems 
12 is 6 times the difference between a number and 3. Find the number.

Functions Word Problem 
The value of a 1996 Mustang, in thousands of dollars, is a function of the age a of the car, in years. Let V=f(a) be the function that represents the value …

Decimals in Multi-Step Equations 
Please help with this problem: 3.9w-17.9= -2.3 Karin from Algebra Class says: You solve equations with decimals the same way that you solve …

System of Equations Word Problem 
The telephone company offers two types of service. With Plan A, you can make an unlimited number of local calls per month for $18.50. With Plan B, you …

Translating Algebraic Expressions 
Translate,what is the quotient of the sum of two numbers and twenty? Algebra Class Says: Let's first talk about the vocabulary: quotient …

Estimating Decimal Products 
How do I estimate the problem 10.78x1044.3092

Algebra Word Problem 
The product of two fractions is 1/9. The larger fraction divided by the smaller fraction is 4. What is the sum of the two fractions? Express your answer …

Equation with Variables 
Please help solve this problem: 2/3=4J/6

Problems With Sales Tax 
The Sheng family had dinner at their favorite restaurant. A 10% sales tax was added to their bill. Amy paid the bill with a $20 gift certificate plus $23.5. …

Perimeter Formula 
The length of a rectangle is 4 times the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 80cm. Find the length of each side.

Rewriting Equations 
How do I re-arrange x-y+2=0 to the y=mx+b so I can put it into a table of values?

Equations with Variables on Both Sides 
How do I solve: 3/7w - 11= -4/7w

Solving Equations with Fractions 
How do I solve this? 1/3(7y-1)+1/6(4y+7) Karin from Algebra Class says: I would love to help you solve this equation, however, we need to …

Slope Ratio 
Suppose that a highway rises a distance of 215 feet in a horizontal distance of 2640 feet. Express the grade of the highway to the nearest tenth of a percent. …

Composite Functions 
Find f(g(x)) g(x)=2x^2+4 and f(x)=x-2/4

Rational Expressions 
1. Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined... 5/v-6 2. Divide and simplify... f+4/f-1 divided by 7f+28/f-6 …

Word problem 
Doomtown is 200 miles due west of Sagebrush , and Joshua is due west of Doomtown. At 9am Mr Archer leaves Sagebrush for Joshua. At 1 pm. Mr Sassoon leaves …

Simplifying Numbers 
How do you reduce or simplify this number 2100/1050?

System of Equations Addition Method 
-2x+5y=1 x-2y=4 The answer in the math book is x=22 y =9 I've been getting a different answer.

Solving Algebra Word Problems 
I have a word problem and no matter how hard I try I can't figure out how to do it and I need to figure out how to do these problems for my test. I need …

Domain and range of a graphed function  
Please explain to me how to determine the domain and the range of a graphed function. They have it in the book, but it wasn't clear enough for my daughter. …

Using Area and Volume Formulas 
A pizza box measures l7 inches long, l6 l/2 inches wide, and 2 inches high. what is the total area of the box and what is the volume?

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Systems of Equations Substitution Method 
Hello, Here I am back in school after 22 years. Math is one of my requirements, before graduation in 2011. However, I am having difficulty understanding …

Substiution Method 
In the substitution method, how do you know which variable to begin with?

Area of a Parallelogram 
Need help... The area of a parallelogram is 252 cm2 and base is 42 cm. Use ALGEBRA to find the height of the parallelogram. Include your formula and …

Solving Systems Using the Substitution Method 
Please help solve this system using the substitution method. 2x+3y=10 y=-x+2

Graphing inequalities 
System of Inequalities: Graph the following: 2x+3y>6

Systems of Equations Problems 
Solve this problem by using a two order system. A man bought 42 stamps, some 13¢ and some 18¢. How many of each kind did he buy if the cost was $6.66? …

Understanding Linear Graphs 
I have multiple word problems that are really giving me a hard time. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. 1) The equations 3x+4y=8 …

Systems of Equations Word Problem 
All 231 students in the french class went on a field trip. Some students rode in vans which hold 7 students each and some students rode in buses which …

Simplify Rational Expressions 
Please help me to simplify the following expression: 2x+8/x^2-16

Writing and Solving Equations 
The product of 2 consecutive positive integers is 398 more than the next integer. What is the largest of the 3 integers?

Systems of Equations Story Problem 
Please help with the following problem. Tickets to a movie cost $7.25 for adults and $5.50 for students. A group of friends purchased 8 tickets for …

System of Equations Word Problems 
I really NEED help with these System of Equations word problems! I did the ones on this website but I want an example that can help with mixes of trail …

Probablility Questions 
I am having difficulty answering the following questions: Diagram this statement. Then answer the questions that follow. One fourth of the 64 marbles …

Inequality Solution 
I need help solving the following inequality: -4<3-2x<20

Polynomial Word Problem  
I have an Algebra Word Problem that I cannot solve. Can you please help. The problem is: The sum of two integers is 10. If their product is 24,what …

Inequalities Word Problem 
Fred bought 3 shirts, each of the same price and received less than $12 change from a $50 bill. What is the maximum cost of 1 shirt?

Solving a 2 step equation Involving Rational Numbers 
2/3 = -1 5/9 + 5/8x I'm getting stuck on finding the common denominator with a mixed number to get this answer. Help!! Karin from Algebra …

The Difference between a Monomial and a Polynomial 
Why is -2 a polynomial and -5 is a monomial? I do not understand the rationale behind this and my textbook is not clear. Also how can 0 be both? …

Systems of Equations Help 
I have a systems of equations word problem that I need help with: Since my uncles farmyard appears to be overrun with dogs, and chickens, I asked him …

Direct Variation 
Will you explain what direct variation is and give some examples please. This would be greatly appreciated!! Karin from Algebra Class Says: …

Graphing Using the Slope and Y-Intercept 
How do you graph using the slope and y-intercept like in this problem 2y+4x=0? Karin from Algebra Class Says: In order to graph this equation, …

Writing a System of Equations 
At the end of the 2000 WNBA regular season, the Houston comets had 22 more victories than losses. The number of victories they had was three less than …

Rate Of Change And Slope 
(-2,-5)(7,8)Is the answer negative 3 over 21 which is -7?

Vertex of Absolute Value Equations 

Dimensions of a Rectangle Word Problem 
A rectangle has area 12a squared and a perimeter 14a. What are the dimensions of the rectangle and how do you solve this?

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Addition/Elimination Method  Not rated yet
I am having trouble solving this problem... 4x-5y=7 -4x+5y=7 -------------------------------------------------- Response from …

how to solve inequalities  Not rated yet
Thank you for your program. Please solve the inequality -14>-a+4-5a and graph its solution if it is a real number. Karin from Algebra Class says: …

Average Algebra Problem Not rated yet
Here's my problem: Ahmik's scores on the first four of five 100-point history tests were 85, 91, 89, and 94. If a grade of at least 90 is an A, …

Age Problem in Algebra Not rated yet
Help me to solve this age problem in algebra: Ana is ten years older than Belinda, while Belinda is 5 years younger than Celina. Twice Aana's age is …

How to Solve Equations Not rated yet
Can you please show me how to solve equations such as this: 4x-5=12x-69. X= Karin from Algebra Class says: This equation has variables on …

Equations Not rated yet
So I don't know how to do this problem: 2=5+n/10 Karin from Algebra Class Says: With this equation, I am going to assume …

One step equations Not rated yet
I'm working on this y + 5=-12 answer says y=-17 I did 12-5 which equaled 7. Your answer says 17,do I carry the 1 down to make it 17? to get the answer …

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