How To Solve A Problem With Variables On Both Sides?

by Cheyenne
(Mansfield Ohio)

I can't figure out how to solve an equation with variables on both sides. For example: 25u+74=23u+92

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Nov 01, 2012
help solve NEW
by: Anonymous

how to solve 2t-j=2

Oct 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

How would you simplify 4-m-6=x

Sep 17, 2012
need help.... NEW
by: Anonymous


Jan 25, 2012
Can you solve this variable? Im stuck on it NEW
by: Heather

4 h=92

Oct 17, 2011
How To Solve a Problem With Variables on Both Sides
by: Anonymous

In order to solve h = p/n, we must get p by itself.

Therefore, you can multiply both sides by n.

hn = p * n
- -
n 1

Since you have an n in the numerator and denominator, they cancel and you are left with p on the right hand side.

Therefore, hn = p

Hope this helps!

Oct 16, 2011
All variables
by: Anonymous

what is H=P/N. i need to find P.

Nov 04, 2010
How to Solve a Problem with Variables on Both Sides
by: Karin

Hi Cheyanne,

When solving an equation with variables on both sides, the most important thing to remember is that you want to get all of the variables on one side of the equation and all of the constants on the other side. You can do this by adding and subtracting the terms. Take a look...

25u + 74 = 23u + 92

Step 1: Get all of the variables on the left hand side by subtracting 23u from both sides.

25u -23u +74 = 23u - 23u + 92

Now Simplify:

2u + 74 = 92

Step 2: Now the variables are on the left, and you must move the constant 74, to the right by subtracting 74 from both sides.

2u + 74 - 74 = 92 - 74


2u = 18

Step 3: Get u by itself by dividing by 2 on both sides.

2u/2 = 18/2


u = 9

Your answer is u = 9.

For more examples, please visit:

Best of luck,

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