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My name is Karin Hutchinson. I am one of those crazy teachers who loves to teach Algebra.

After helping many middle school students (who despised math) learn to LOVE Algebra, I decided to try to help more students around the world get rid of their fears and frustrations of Algebra.

Most students don't do well in Algebra because they don't have the basic "building blocks" or foundation in order to understand more difficult concepts.

My goal is to help you build that foundation so that you are not only successful, but come to enjoy the challenge of Algebra.

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Just remember, if your answers are not correct, be sure to go back and find your mistakes!

Algebra Cheat Sheets

Algebra Cheat Sheets

Print these one page notes worksheets for every unit! With just a quick glance, you can review all concepts and special formula for each unit.

Algebra Practice Test

Algebra Practice Test

Have you mastered Algebra? Take this practice test to assess your Algebra proficiency. Yes, it even come with an answer key!

Algebra Readiness Test

Algebra Readiness Test

Are you ready for Algebra? Take this readiness test to see which concepts you may want to review before starting an Algebra program.

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Yes, that's my family and I on the Cool Bus!

Come join me and start mastering Algebra!

Wishing you all the best in your studies.

Karin Hutchinson