My Review of Solo Build It (SBI!) and How It Changed My Family's Life Forever!

Many people have never heard of Solo Build It (SBI!), and that's why I want to bring awareness!  It may change your life in the same way it changed mine!

Have you ever wondered how people make it on the web?  How do you build a website that comes up on the first page of Google, that people actually find and read, and how do you make money?

I started in 2009 and since then I've had many people ask how I went from being a teacher to building a successful website.  Everyone wonders whether I had a computer science or business degree as well.  That answer is No!  I was an elementary and middle school teacher with absolutely no computer science or business experience. 

The one thing I had going for me was a passion and desire to stay home and raise my children!

So, if you are wondering too, here's my story....

In June of 2004, I took a leave of absence from my full-time career as a middle school math teacher to become a mom.  This was my dream!  My dream was not just to be a mom, but to be a stay-at-home mom.  Luckily, my husband wanted the same for our family and we decided that we were going to make it work!

I quickly realized that as much as I loved being a mom and being home to raise my daughters, I also missed my career.  I missed teaching. I missed working.  I missed my paycheck.  It was hard to believe, but a piece of me was missing.

However, I wasn't willing to give up being home with my daughters, so I had to find something else to fill that void.

I knew that the only way to make something work, was the computer.  How else would I not leave my daughters to work?  So, I spent about a year just searching for ways to teach online.  (This was back in 2006, so online schools had not been born yet!) 

I first came across a company that could guarantee that they could help you sell anything on the internet.  In fact, you didn't even need a product, they would teach you how to sell and you would be set for life! (My first clue to run the other way should have been when they state that you don't even need a product.)

So, my mind started racing.  Hmmm... could I take my teaching experience and create worksheets for teachers to use when teaching Algebra?  This would help Algebra teachers all over the world!

At the time, this sounded great!  This company was giving a free seminar very close to where I lived.  So, I set out on this new adventure!  I went to the two-day seminar and left with a great feeling that this company really could help me write the best sales copy ever.... all for just $10,000! 

Yes, you read that right!  $10,000!  At this point, I had no real product, no website, but I could pay $10,000 and have a sales copy that would make anyone want to buy my product!

They were great sales people!  Believe me, I knew I didn't have the money, but they still made me seriously think about it!  Luckily, I am big on reviews and really started researching before diving in!  I connected with a few people who had taken the plunge and found out that their sales copy was great, but with no website to generate traffic, they weren't making any money. 

Makes complete sense, right?

Then... it was back to the internet!  Back to searching for a way to build an online business!

For the next two years, I read every article and website on how to build a website. 

I took the route that most people first try, and started my own blog, and well... that never showed up in Google. So, no one ever saw it! 

At this point, I was beginning to believe that you really had to know what you were doing to make this work.  Only computer science gurus, or internet marketing majors could really make this work. 

I was so frustrated!   I wasn't able to make my dream come true and I knew that eventually we would have to have a second income to make things work!

And then... I stumbled across SBI!...

SBI, which back then was short for Site Build It, was a company claiming that they had a 10 day plan that would allow you to build your own website or online business. 

At this point I knew that I really had to do my research.  Is this company legit?  Will their plan actually work, is it another gimic to make money? 

I took my time, studying their website, reading reviews ... 

There was one thing that I loved about SBI's website...

Real reviews!! 

At this point I had read so many reviews on so many products, but most lacked the one thing that made them real!

A link to the websites that were built using their system. Yep!  I could actually visit the actual websites and talk to the owners! 

I visited every website, and reached out to a few of the owners.  Everyone that I talked to was either already successful or on their way to success. 

I had such an intense feeling about this, something that told me this was right and this was my chance to make something happen. 

I told my husband, I have to do this!  It's $300 for the whole year, but it's a chance that I have to take!  ($300 when you are living on one income, is a lot!!)

I signed up for SBI in May 2009!

It was unbelievable!  Here's a snapshot of what I found!

  • A step-by-step guide walking you through every single aspect of setting up your website. (Actually, the don't consider it building a website, they call it "building a business" - which is absolutely true!)
  • A blockbuilder framework that allowed me to create the website without any coding experience.
  • All of the tools I need, such as a keyword tool, SEO tools, traffic ranking tools...
  • Tons of articles and resources.
  • A forum where I could ask any question and get an answer from other SBIers or an SBI professional.

So, at this point I was excited!  Still skeptical that I could make this work, but excited that I had the opportunity!

Will it work?  Can I make it happen?

No doubt, these were always questions that lingered in the back of my mind! 

I worked through each day, carefully and slowly (and by the way... nothing ever took one day!  This is NOT a get rich quick scheme!)

After a month of researching keywords and actually planning a business, I found out that A LOT of people were searching for Algebra help! 

SCORE!  I can help!  I can actually help people learn Algebra!

Months went by and I was starting to see life!  The birth of a website, complete with a header, navigation, and a few pages built!

Slowly, but surely, there were 15, 20, 25... pages, all with great examples of how to complete Algebra problems! 

And then the unbelieveable happened....

I checked my traffic stats and I had visitors!  YES VISITORS!  Someone found my website! 

I couldn't believe it!  This lit my fire and I worked furiously to build more pages and more pages and more pages! 

And... my traffic doubled, tripled, and kept growing and growing!!

I really couldn't believe it!  This program, SBI, was working, I was creating a website that other people could use!

Then... I did a google search for one of my most visited pages.  And guess what?

YES!  There was my website on the very first page of Google!  Seriously, who does that?

I couldn't believe it!  Never ever did I think this would actually happen!

So, of course, I have to take it one step further, because my goal was to be able to stay at home and raise my children without being completely broke!

I had to find a way to monetize this site.  Now, SBI has a TON of resources to help with this too!  I never did anything on my own!  NOTHING!  I always had the help of the resources within SBI or from another friendly SBIer in the forums!

I set out to make an ebook from my website content!  For someone who really wants to learn Algebra, toggling between webpages can get frustrating, so I took all of my content and produced an ebook! 

And guess what...

I made my first sale!  $7! 

Yep! Everyone has to start somewhere.  Do you know how excited I was over this $7?  I had never been so excited in my life!  I had $7 in my paypal account!

And... over the next few months, the amount in my paypal account continued to grow!  I wasn't a millionare or anything, but I felt like it!

Then, I studied SBI's "monetizing" section a little more, and guess what...

You got it!  I found more ways to monetize.  I started adding a few google adsense ads to my site and... Oh my goodness - can you imagine the feeling of receiving your first Google check?  (The threshold is $100 to receive your payment). 

And... then I became an affiliate for a math calculator that people could purchase if they clicked a link on my site.  And... yes!  I received a check from them as well!

Then, my ultimate dreamed became reality!

I became a stay-at-home mom while continuing my career as a teacher! 

I developed an Algebra curriculum that is used by homeschoolers and adults changing careers or going back to school! 

And... I am able to contribute to my family's income!  Just in time for my children to be fully involved in sports and activities that cost a fortune! 

We now have no worries... all thanks to SBI or Solo Build It and their amazing team of people and resources!

Do you have a dream of starting an online business?

If you do... please reach out and contact me! It really does help to talk to real people and get real information! 

As I was searching for a place to host my online class, I joined a couple of facebook groups and forums.  (These are groups for online course platforms like Thinkific and Kajabi.)  There are so many people out there who create an online class first and then realize that they don't have an audience to sell to.

Seriously...  these are the questions I find in these groups.

  • My course is finished, but I have no sales.  How can I get people to sign up?
  • Without spending a ton of money in advertising, how can I get people to sign up for my course?
  • What do I do now that I've created my course?

I really feel for these people, because no one has ever told them that they are working backwards.  You must create your online business first in order to build your audience, and then create a product based on their needs! 

Then you don't need to spend thousands of dollars in advertising!

Almost everyone spends money on either Google or Facebook advertising, but I can honestly admit, that I have never spent a penny on advertising!

That is true!  Not a single penny because Solo Build It (SBI) helped me to create a website that Google ranks on the first page and therefore, no advertising is needed!

And... another warning...

There are a bunch of other people and companies out there who will try to convince you that they can help you make millions.  Oh yes, they make millions and they will teach you everything they know! 

These ads show up in my facebook feed constantly! 

Remember, first of all... anyone can tell you that they make millions.  How will you ever know? 

Most of these people are making money... but they are only making money because they are convincing you to buy into their scheme that doesn't work. They promise sales funnels, email campaigns...but you FIRST have to have an audience!

So, they make money (your money), but you don't! 

And... there are the companies who try to teach you "affiliate marketing", where you can make money selling other people's products.  Truth is, you can make money off of affiliate marketing, but you must have a strong following first - which is where SBI comes in!

What Others Say About SBI!

It makes me sad to think that there are other companies out there who will encourage others to write fake reviews about SBI just to get an edge in the competition.  It's sad but true.

There are other companies out there who don't even come close to offering what SBI does and whose users don't have websites who rank high in Alexa, Google, Yahoo... but they not only claim to be better, they take it further to put out false claims against SBI. 

Don't be fooled by the massive number of false reviews out there!  Talk to real people, people who are willing to share their success and help you a long the way!

If you are serious about changing your life and starting your own online business, please reach out to me or other SBIers who an be found by reading the Solo Build it blog!

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