So I don't know how to do this problem: 2=5+n/10

Karin from Algebra Class Says:

With this equation, I am going to assume that you meant to put parenthesis around the 5+n meaning that the fraction is 5+n in the numerator and 10 in the denominator.

5+n = 2

Step 1: Get rid of the fraction, or the 10 in the denominator by multiplying every term by 10.

(10)5+n = 2(10)

For the first term (5+n/10) the 10 in the numerator and denominator cancel or simplify and we are left with 5+n. On the right side, 2 times 10 equals 20.

We now have:

5+n = 20

Step 2: Subtract 5 from both sides.

5-5+n = 20-5

n = 15

The variable n = 15 is the solution.

Step 3: Check your solution.

2 = (5+15)/10
2 = 20/10

The solution is correct.

I hope this helps.


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