I have a question about reciprocals in One Step Multiplication equation section.

My book shows the reciprocal of -2/3 as -3/2. Is this correct?

It gives the correct answer but I would have thought the reciprocal was 3/-2!!

What is the thinking here?

Thank you

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Jan 06, 2011
by: Karin

Hi Joni,

You have a great question.

Actually -3/2 is exactly the same as 3/-2.

Think about your division rules. A negative divided by positive results in a negative answer.

And... a positive divided by a negative results in a negative answer. Therefore -3/2 = 3/-2.

Most of the time if the answer is negative, you will see the negative symbol with the numerator. This indicates that the whole answer is negative.

I hope this helps,

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