Decimals in Multi-Step Equations

Please help with this problem:
3.9w-17.9= -2.3

Karin from Algebra Class says:

You solve equations with decimals the same way that you solve equations with integers.

3.9w - 17.9 = -2.3

Step 1: Add 17.9 to both sides.

3.9w - 17.9 + 17.9 = -2.3 + 17.9

3.9w = 15.6

Step 2: Divide by 3.9 on both sides.

3.9w/3.9 = 15.6/3.9

w = 4

Your final answer is 4.

Hope this helps,

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Aug 25, 2016
by: Twinky

I have a teacher who gives is the most difficult problems. IT is like 4445.55 subtract something equals 34.x 43 and when I try to solve it, it does not come out an even number. So it comes out as a decimal but that is very hard to solve and also he wants us to show 3 different answers. one in fraction 2 in decimal 3 in improper fraction and mixed number.please help

Oct 24, 2013
thank u
by: Anonymous

doin better thnx to u

Nov 13, 2012
I need a sample problem

May you please give me a problem of multi step equations using fractions and turning them into decimals. Thanks :)

Dec 14, 2011
multi step equations with decimals
by: Anonymous

some times it includes division and its hard i have a test coming up what can i dooooooooooooo????????????

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