how to solve inequalities

Thank you for your program. Please solve the inequality -14>-a+4-5a and graph its solution if it is a real number.

Karin from Algebra Class says:

You are solving this inequality for a. We need to get a by itself. If you are more comfortable with a on the left hand side, then you can switch sides, but you must reverse the sign. It would look like this:

-a +4 - 5a < -14

Now you can start by combining like terms on the left: (-a - 5a = -6)

-6a +4 > -14

Now we need to get rid of the 4 by subtracting 4 from both sides:

-6a +4 -4 > -14 - 4

-6a > -18

Now divide by -6 on both sides:

-6a/-6 > -18 / -6

a > 3

Our final answer is a >3. On a number line, you would have an open circle on 3 with an arrow pointing to the right.

Hope this helps. For more examples, please visit:

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