How to Solve Equations

Can you please show me how to solve equations such as this:

4x-5=12x-69. X=

Karin from Algebra Class says:

This equation has variables on both sides; therefore, your goal is to get all of the variables on one side and all of the constants on the other side.

Let's start by moving the 12x to the left side. We will need to subtract 12x from both sides.

4x - 12x - 5 = 12x - 12x -69

-8x - 5 = -69

Now we need to move the -5 to the right hand side by adding 5 to both sides.

-8x - 5 +5 = -69 +5

-8x = -64

Now we need to get x by itself by dividing by -8 on both sides.

-8x/-8 = -64/-8

x = 8

Your final answer is x = 8.

Check by substituting 8 for x into the original equation. Both sides should be equal.

4(8) - 5 = 12(8) - 69
32 - 5 = 96 - 69
27 = 27

This proves that your answer is correct.

Hope this helps you to learn how to solve equations with variables on both sides.

All the best,

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