Equation with Variables on Both Sides

by Rhonda
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Aug 18, 2010
Equation with Variables on Both Sides
by: Karin

This is an equation with variables on both sides.

Our first step is to get rid of the parenthesis by using the distributive property.

-11 - 5a = 6(5a+4)
-11 - 5a = 30a + 24

Step 2: Get the variables on one side. We'll move the variables to the left hand side by subtracting 30a from both sides.

-11 - 5a - 30a = 30a - 30a + 24

-11 - 35a = 24 (I combined like terms)

Step 3: Get the constants on the right hand side by adding 11 to both sides.

-11 + 11 - 35a = 24 + 11

-35a = 35 (I added 24 + 11 = 35)

Step 4: Isolate the variable a by dividing both sides by -35.

-35a/-35 = 35/-35

a = -1 (35/-35 = -1)

The solution is a = -1.

You can check this solution by substituting -1 for a into the original equation. Both sides of the equation should be equal.

For more help and examples on solving equations with variables on both sides, visit:


Hope this helps,

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