Using the Area Formula

by jason zimmerman
(omaha nebraska usa)

Determine the total amount of fertilizer in ounces (oz) needed to fertilize a rectangular lot with dimensions 24 yd by 21 yd if 3 oz of fertilizer is needed per square yard.How would I figure this out?

Karin from Algebra Class Says:

In order to solve this problem, you must first use the area formula to figure out how many square yards you have.

Area = Length x width

A = 24 x 21

A = 714 sq yds

If you have 714 sq yards and it takes 3 oz of fertilizer per square yard, then you must multiply 3 x 714.

3oz x 714 sq yds = 2142 oz of fertilizer.

You would need 2142 oz of fertilizer.

I hope this helps,

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Oct 01, 2013
Using the Area Formula
by: Anonymous

The area of a yard is 240 feet by 82 feet. John needs to fertilize his yard . The fertilizer is 0.03 ounce per square foot. How much fertilizer does he need?


Karin from Algebra Class Says:

If John's yard is 240 feet by 82 feet, then that means that the length is 240 feet and the width is 82ft.

The Area formula for a rectangle is:
A = length x width or A = lw

First we need to find the area of John's yard.
A = lw
A = 240ft x 82ft
A = 19680 ft^2

John's yard is 19680 ft^2.

If .03 oz fertilizer covers 1 sq foot, then we would need:
.03 x 19680 = 590.4 oz of fertilizer.

John needs 590.4 oz of fertilizer.

Hope this helps,

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