Linear Systems of Equations

by Kaleigh
(Las vegas, nv, clark county)

I'm using graph and check to solve the linear system.
My first equation is: 2x-y=2
I changed it to: -y=(-2)x+2
What do I do with the minus sign?

Second equation is x=4
How do you find the slope with such little information?

Karin from Algebra Class Says:

Hi Kayleigh,

These are great questions.

For the first equation, you can either find the x and y intercept or you can rewrite it in slope intercept form. It looks like you've chosen to rewrite it in slope intercept form.

You came up with: -y = -2x + 2. This is correct for the first step, but we must make y positive by multiplying everything by -1.
(-1)-y = -1(-2x +2)

This leaves you with:
y = 2x - 2

This should be easy to graph now. Your y-intercept is -2 and the slope is 2.

Your second equation is x = 4

This equation represents a vertical line. Every point on that line must have an x coordinate that is 4. Therefore, the line must be vertical.

I hope this helps!


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Nov 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! It all makes sense now :]

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