Simplify Rational Expressions

Please help me to simplify the following expression:


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Feb 01, 2010
Simplify Rational Expressions
by: Karin

In order to simplify this expression, you will need to factor the numerator and the denominator.

You can simplify the numerator by using the greatest common factor.

2x + 8 - the common factor is 2 so if you factor out 2, you would get: 2(x+4) (This is your new numerator)

Then factor the denominator. To factor the denominator you are essentially factoring a trinomial that has 0x as it's middle term.

When you factor the denominator you get:
(x + 4) (x - 4)

So, now we have:


Since (x+4) is in the numerator and the denominator, they equal 1 so we can cross them out
and we are left with:


I do not have a complete lesson on simplifying rational expressions yet; however, I do have a few lessons on factoring that may help you.

I hope this explanation helps you.

All the best,

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