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Using the Laws of Exponents

Before you begin working with monomials and polynomials, you will need to understand the laws of exponents. There are three laws or properties that I am going to discuss in this lesson.

We will look at the following properties:

  • Multiplying Powers with the Same Base

  • Power of a Power Property

  • Power of a Product Property

For each of the three laws, we will write a few examples in expanded form. This will help you to understand why the law works. The I will define the property. Finally we will look at a few examples.

Ok... let's get started!

Multiplying Powers with the Same Base

laws of exponents


When a term does not contain an exponent, it is assumed to be 1.

For example:

3 = 31        y = y1        r = r1

Power of a Power Property

power or a power property for laws of exponents

I know that these properties can be confusing. If you need direct video instruction, check out the Algebra Class E-course.

Power of a Product Property

Before we start this one, let's define the word product.

A product is the answer to a multiplication problem.

So, power of a product means that we are raising a multiplication problem to a power. Take a look at this example:

power of a product property

Those are the only three properties that you'll need to remember for this unit! As you complete the practice problems below, refer back to the properties if needed!

Practice Problems

Directions: For each problem identify the property used. Then simplify to lowest terms.

laws of exponents practice

Answer Key

laws of exponents answers

Great Job! Now let's move onto learning about monomials!

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