Exponents and Monomials

In this unit we will review the meaning of exponents and study the law of exponents. Then we'll dive right into Multiplying and Dividing Monomials! We'll even get into Scientfic Notation!

This is a fun unit! I hope you enjoy!

Exponents and Monomials Unit

In this unit you'll find the following lessons!

  • A review of Exponents
  • In this lesson, you will review how exponents are calculated. You'll also discover special rules for working with negative numbers and exponents.

  • Laws of Exponents
  • In this lesson you will learn the rules for working with exponents. We will cover all of the special "properties" you must know!

  • What is a Monomial?
  • I'm sure this is a new term and here you will discover what makes a monomial and how we can work with monomials in Algebra.

  • Multiplying Monomials
  • Yes, there are special rules for multiplying monomials. Here you will discover little tricks when working with monomials.

  • Dividing Monomials
  • You won't want to forget this special rule when dividing monomials!

  • Simplifying Monomials
  • Now it gets more complicated! In this lesson, you will utilize all of the above rules and simplify more difficult expressions.

  • Negative and Zero Exponents
  • What should we do with exponents that are negative or zero? You'll learn those special rules!

  • An Introduction to Scientific Notation.
  • Now, to make life easier with scientific notation! Here's a way to work with really large or really small numbers!

  • Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation
    Taking scientific notation one step further!


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