Simplifying Monomials

Now I want you to think about everything you've learned about the laws of exponents, multiplying monomial, and dividing monomials.

When simplifying monomials, you will need to use ALL of this information.

This is fun, let's get started by looking at a quick summary of the properties of exponents that are described in the lessons above.

Properties of Exponents and Using the Order of Operations

If you have a combination of monomial expressions contained with in grouping symbols (parenthesis or brackets), these should be evaluated first.

Example of Power of a Power

Power of a Power Property - (This is similar to evaluating Exponents in the Order of Operations). Always evaluate a power of a power before moving on the problem.

Power of a power property

Example of Multiplying Monomials

When you multiply monomial expressions, add the exponents of like bases.

Multiplying monomials example

Example of Dividing Monomials

When you divide monomial expressions, subtract the exponents of like bases.

dividing monomials example

Ok... that was just a quick review. If you need more of a review, please go back and review the entire lesson! Now let's look at a couple of examples!

Example 1: Simplifying Monomials

Simplifying Monomials

Example 2: Simplifying Monomials

Simplifying Monomials

Now you can see how we apply all of these rules to solving a more complex monomial expression! This is fun, isn't it?

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