Solving Basic Equations
Equations with Division

Solving equations with division look difficult to solve! But, if you can multiply then you can solve any division equation in one easy step.

Ok, last set of equations before we pull it all together to solve two-step equations.

You can probably guess now, what mathematical operation we will use to "undo" a division equation.

Yes... Multiplication!

Solving Division Equations

Since multiplication is the opposite of division, we are going to multiply by the value of the denominator.

(The denominator is the number that we are "dividing by", so if we multiply by that number, then we will end up with a coefficient of 1.)

Remember the denominator is the "bottom" number of a fraction.

Check out this example.

Example 1: One-step Division Equations

Solving Division Equations

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You did it! You've completed your first set of one-step equations! That wasn't too bad, right? Now you are ready to move on to two-step equations!

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