Solving Two-Step Algebra Equations

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Easy to understand explanations on solving two-step algebra equations.

Now that you know all the rules for solving one-step equations, solving two-step algebra equations will be a piece of cake! You will need prior knowledge of solving one-step equations in order to understand this lesson.

There are 5 examples to this lesson, so make sure that you keep scrolling down to learn how to solve all types of two step equations. You'll even find a couple of video lessons to help guide you through this process.

Each equation is going to be solved in two separate steps. Let's take a look:

2x + 3 = 43

Notice that in order to get x on the left hand side by itself, (x = ) we need to remove the 3 and the 2. Therefore, this equation will involve two separate steps.

Remember that you must use the opposite mathematical operation in order to remove a number from one side of an equation.

There's one rule to remember when solving two-step equations:

Tips for Solving Two-step Equations

  • Always remove the constant first using addition or subtraction.
  • Your second step will be to remove any coefficients or divisors using multiplication or division.

Let's solve this example together. Notice how two separate steps are involved in solving this equation.

Example 1 - Two-step Equation

Solving Two Step Equations

Just in case you are still confused, we'll look at another example similar to this one.

Remember to focus on how there are two steps that are used in order to find the solution to this equation.

Example 2 - Two-step Equations

Solving Two-step Equations example

The next two examples will demonstrate how to solve two-step equations when the coefficient is a fraction or when you have a divisor. Let's take a look!

Example 3 - Two-step Equations with a fraction

I know you are feeling pretty good about this, but let's keep going!

Example 4: More Two-step Equations

Solving Two Step Equations

Ok... one more example! This example involves an additional step before starting the two-step process.

If you have any terms in the equation that are like terms, then you will want to combine those like terms first before solving. Let's take a look....

Example 5 - Combining Like Terms First

Two-step equations and combining like terms

Wow! You did it! You just applied two different rules for solving equations in order to solve two-step equations. I know you are feeling better now!

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