Integer Rules

Welcome to the World of Integers! Are you ready to learn the integer rules that you will live by as long as you are taking math classes in school?

Yes.... I know, some of you are just getting those multiplication and division facts down, and now we want you to learn a whole new set of rules. It's really not that hard!

In this unit, you will be able to define an integer and use all of the integer rules to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Are you ready?

Unit 2: A Study of Integers

Click on the lesson that you are ready to study.

Lesson 1: Integers and Absolute Value

Lesson 2: Comparing and Ordering Integers

Lesson 3: Adding Integers

Lesson 4: Subtracting Integers

Lesson 5: Multiplying and Dividing Integers

And That's It! Those are Your Integer Rules.

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