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I read reviews for EVERYTHING before I purchase! Are you the same way? I love to know what other people think, what was good, bad, or indifferent. I rarely make a purchase before reading 10-20 reviews.

If you are more comfortable knowing what to expect, like me, then you will find many reviews here for the Algebra E-course and

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Thank you to everyone here who has generously taken the time to let me know your thoughts on Algebra Class. Happy Reading!

Dear Karin,

Finding your site was such a blessing to me! I have been out of school for 13+ years and finding out that my next course would be Algebra scared me to death!

I have now found a new love of learning for algebra--something I never thought would happen. After indulging in the section of functions, I decided to explore other areas that I have just learned. It made areas such as inequalities and graphing so much easier to grasp!

I just wanted to thank you for your passion and dedication for helping others! I also love the fact that you add in some humor, too. I have shared your site with classmates and hope they take an opportunity to look into it as well! Thank you----

With greatest respect,


I simply love your work! I teach Algebra I, Algebra 2, and Geometry at a charter school in California for at-risk youth. I have small classes of twelve, which is very helpful with this population. I stumbled across your site when I was desperately looking for curriculum to use in my classroom.

Our company got rid of its math books and had some relatively new, inexperienced, and ambitious teachers get together in June 2015 and write the math curriculum for all the subjects I teach. It's horrible, but it's all we have available to use now.

I paid the membership fee out of my own pocket to get your lessons and worksheets on Algebra I and Algebra 2 (when do you think the complete course will be done? Lol!).

Your work is a breath of fresh air and makes so much sense in the order of topics covered and the specific concepts taught. (In our new curriculum, the authors have us teach quadratic equations before learning about polynomials. It makes no sense to me.

I love your videos (I plan to play them and walk the room to make sure students are always on task). I love your evidently put a lot of thought into the different types of problems the students need to know and also the types that might be a little tricky for them.

I feel such a sense of relief, knowing that I don't have to rely on our school's "homemade" curriculum. I have been watching every video and taking the notes, as if I were a student.

I am logging down the length of each video in order to make sure I have plenty of time during the class period to play all of them. I can't help gushing about the tremendous quality of your is a godsend to me. I can't wait to try it out!


Dear Karin,

I am a home-school mom of five who struggled with finding a solid algebra program for my older boys until I came upon your algebra class. Your tutorials are straight forward and detailed.

Your assignments are designed in such a way that we can spend extra time on what my children need to and move on when they understand something more easily.

I am a math-lover myself and am excited that you have finished part 2 of this course. My boys are understanding algebra in a way that they never were able to with other courses due to the detail and care that are in each of your lessons.

I also appreciate that you are available to answer questions.

Thank you,

Jacqui Coleman

Hi Karin,

It's been a week since my purchase and I am absolutely thrilled with your material. The word problems are fantastic. I used some of your compound inequality word problems in class and presented them on the whiteboard.

I showed the content with the other two eighth grade math teachers and each of them in turn purchased your materials. What a great bargain!!! Thanks again for your hard work. Everything is organized beautifully.


Dear Karin:

Okay, so I have been plugging along on your coursework and making progress. This is kind of amazing for a 57 year old who could never really do Algebra in the past. I think that my ability to really help my students in pre-Algebra and Algebra will be so much better due to your ever so well-organized course.

I love how you have the note format too for us, and wish that more instructors set-up their courses in such a manner. The reinforcement work is similar to what was taught and you don't attempt to "trick" us along the way (and I thank-you for that).

All the best,

Peter Star

Hi Karin,

I just spent 3 hours doing Unit 5 Lessons 1 & 2 because that is what I am learning at school this week, and cannot believe my progress. I so wish I would have found your course sooner. It is amazing.

You explain everything in such clarity it's like night and day. Thank you so much for getting me started. I am so happy you can't believe it. You are the best instructor ever!

Thanks again.


"I am a pensioner living in South Africa. I stumbled on your website, the best thing that could ever happen to me! Your course in Algebra has helped me a lot to better understand the different concepts.

Thank you very much for sharing your skills for teaching math to even people like me. Please do not stop, as I am sure that your teachings have helped thousands of people like me all over the world."

Noel - South Africa

"I hate math" that is what I constantly hear students say when they are faced with math. I understand their pain, math is not my favorite subject, and I need to improve my math ability in order to show students they can learn to like math.

I had enrolled in an online course and after the first lesson, I wasn't impressed and requested a refund. Looking around, I found your website and decided to look around. I like what I saw, and "free" really caught my attention.

I viewed and really like what I saw because I "got it." I love how the material is presented and that I can have a notebook of materials to review.

This will be a great benefit for me and my students. I feel that after I complete these lessons, I can really help my students get over their math anxiety.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to doing these math lessons. I am purchasing the E-Algebra lessons and can't wait to get started.


From: Virginia

I bought Algebra Class for my son who was struggling with Algebra 1. He used the videos and worksheets at home and has made tremendous progress. His teacher even commented that he is doing much better since he started in August.

Thank you Algebra Class!


I was so delighted to download the materials found with Algebra Class. I homeschool both of my teenagers and the review materials are great for one of my children and the class allows for easy progression into more advanced skills.

I love how the materials are makes it easy to review and teach skills. Thanks again Karin for all of your hard work.

I was beginning to panic about the Middle School Praxis Test...I knew I was rusty in many areas and totally lacking in others.

Karin's step-by-step lessons, "task analyze" each skill and then build on successive skills to cover an entire concept. From A-Z, a very comprehensive and thorough presentation of Algebra basics.

The downloadable workbooks are user friendly and provide much needed practice. I would assign an A++.


Ed in Alabama.

Thank you so much for coming up with this simple to use format. My boys have been struggling with Algebra and this is just the perfect thing to help them make sense of it.

by Jacqui

(Keystone Heights, FL)

This is a wonderful resource for college freshmen to review and prepare for the college entrance placement exam. My daughter's score went from a 32 to a 46!


College mom

After searching through numerous Algebra I curricula for my home schooled daughter, I happened upon I was thrilled with the scope and sequence of the program, as well as the accessibility it provided.

The initial lessons have both challenged and encouraged my daughter in her learning journey. Thank you, Karin, for sharing your years of experience in a way that benefits many students and their parents!

by Tiffany


Hello. I want to start off with my honest and humble opinion. This website is the best. I am serious. I needed help with some scientific notation and I typed on Google and found your page. When I went through the presentation, I loved it because I understood it.

This is great for me as I am a self taught math geek. I love this!


Fremont,CA, USA

Omg! I am so happy I found you, are the best instructor..I was so lost and literally in tears because it's been over 30 years out of school and The instructors go so fast, I fell so far behind. I you are a truly a blessing!


AlGeBrA f(a)n

I really want to thank you for making this website! You've obviously worked so hard on it! It makes the Algebraic ideas that look dull in books look great here on your site! You made it all seem FUN and EASY!!!

I had a little trouble with graphing quadratic functions and these stuff.. All better! You know it would be really great if you could add to your site Algebra II Topics! I would REALLY appreciate it.. There are some things I find hard.. like factoring those darn 3-degree polynomials :S Or graphing those rational functions!!!

Thanks for your help & hard work!

y = mx + b

f(x)= mx + b

f(Your help)= Fun x + Happy

Your site is AWESOME!! The information and resources your site provides is easy to follow. It makes my job as a teacher easier, and it helps me be effective in delivering instruction that my students can grasp. Thank you!

SWD Teacher

I took the Algebra made easy course in order to prepare myself for an Intermediate algebra course in college. I was 25 years out of high school and decided to return to college. I needed a refresher course and this was perfect.

The step by step instructions and videos were easy to follow and totally reinforced what I had forgotten.

I would recommend this to any beginning algebra student, whether struggling in high school or have taken a long leave from algebra as I had.

I am currently excelling in my intermediate algebra course, but would still love to refresh myself even more with the second section being offered just because it was such a good course and so interactive. Thanks so much for offering this opportunity.

Lindsey Chichester

I'm in Form 4-and I've recently started learning Add Math this year. I love Math when I understand it, but recently it seemed as if I couldn't understand anything... Your website has utterly changed me. This is the first website-among scores on the Internet-that clearly explains the reasoning and the method behind algebra.

I used to find algebra so hard-and now its so easy. The tips and hints and the practise questions and the explanations are superb. I clearly stink at writing this comment-but I really don't know how to express how MUCH of a help this website has been. I just can't find the words to let you know HOW and HOW MUCH.

Thank you.

You're doing an awesome job.

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