Geometric Probability

Although you may have never formally heard the term "geometric probability", I bet you've often thought about it. Have you ever played darts?

If so, have you thought about what your chances are of landing the dart on the bullseye? Yep believe it or not, you were thinking about geometric probability.

At first, geometric probability looks difficult. But, if you keep in mind the formula for basic probability, you will have no problems.

Formula for Probability

# of favorable outcomes / # of total outcomes

Let's take a look at an example.

Example 1 - Geometric Probability

Geometric Probability Example 1

Not too bad, if you know your geometry formulas. Now you know why they call it geometric probability.

Just to make sure you've got it, we'll take a look at one more example.

Example 2

More geometric probability examples
part 2 of example 2

Geometric probability is kind of fun, isn't it? It's brings out the kid in you when you start thinking of dart games...

I hope you had fun! You have completed the probability unit. Congratulations!

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