Home-school Algebra Curriculum

by Karin Hutchinson

Dear Home-school Teachers,

I am in the process of researching different home-school Algebra curriculum and I am thinking about developing a curriculum that complements Algebra-class.com.

I would love to have your opinion as to what you like in your current Algebra curriculum and what you don't like.

What improvements would you like to see to your current curriculum?

Is there anything that could be included that would make your job easier as an Algebra teacher?

I would greatly appreciate any information that you provide, as it will help me to develop products that will be useful for all Algebra home-schooled children!

Thank you for your help!

Karin Hutchinson

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Mar 20, 2013
Glad To Know NEW
by: Mary

I am glad to be on your responder list Karin. Tracey's note was very helpful to me. I have many friends who wonder the very same thing about Teaching Textbooks and I am happy to know something concrete about TT in answer.

One thought though: As TT has been changing their books, Tracey, do you know if your son was using the newer books or the older books?

I ask because so many companies have aligned with the new Common Core Standards that sound like what she described (many books have been like this since the 1960s. I just don't know which ones). I found here that TT claims not to be aligned:


Thank you again,


Mar 20, 2013
Homeschool Algebra Curriculum NEW
by: Karin

I am SO happy that you and your son have found success with Algebra-Class. I have designed this program for students who have difficulty with math and are struggling to learn Algebra.

I am confident that you will find success with the Algebra 1 program. I would love to hear your thoughts once you start the program.

I am currently working on Algebra 2, so there's more to come!

Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate your feedback.

Best of luck to you!

Mar 20, 2013
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra NEW
by: Tracey

My 14yo son has been using TT since 5th grade.. I have loved it since I am not the math whiz and it has the lectures, helps etc.. Once he started their Pre-Algebra everything was good in the beginning.. Then he just refused to do it! It was so confusing how they were teaching certain topics and then contradicting themselves.. The helps in each lesson were not always accurate and I found myself spending 40 plus minutes sitting with my son trying to help him instead of teaching my 2nd and 3rd graders. My friend who also had used TT told me about your site and it has been a God-send!! Thank you!! I am having him work through your Pre-Algebra section and he is enjoying it and likes that you are right there showing him step by step how to do the lesson before he works on his own.
I am going to use your Algebra 1 this coming year for him. If I can watch your program and understand how to add/subtract integers, than anyone can do it! Thank You!!

Sep 14, 2010
Comparing Saxon Math with Dive Math to Teaching Textbooks
by: Mary

We have used both Saxon Math and Math U See and really like both, especially Saxon Math with the Dive Math CD Roms. It is so handy to have Dr. Shormann teach the basics of each Saxon Lesson so that the children can truly "study on their own". Mr. Demme's MUS videos are so good at teaching the concepts, yet for us they are supplemental since from what we have seen Saxon takes the children through more material with more repetition and less parental involvement; maybe he has simply cut out the fluff.

Your product already looks as if it might approximate their set-ups. Saxon has now developed its own Videos but they do not look as concise as what Dr. Shormann has done. We have used the Dive with Saxon from Math 5/4 through Algebra II and haveeven used the Dive with the Chemistry of Dr. Wile - What a God-send!

In a great way, though, Saxon has fluffed its program with the Mastery Learning of Benjamin Bloom. Yes, Direct Instruction is very helpful with such courses as Math, Music, and safety - automatic subjects where memorization is a tool. John Saxon's course is great and he really makes the connections, especially in the homeschool and 3rd editions (the Investigations used to only be in the Teacher's Manuals, a real frustration for parents at home); but there is still a bit of fluff.

A concise presentation would be a giant help to our children.


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