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I know that homeschooling is an extremely difficult task and luckily there is a strong home-school community who is always willing to help! Do you have a question that you'd like to ask or an idea to share? We'd love to hear from you! Everyone is invited to join in, it's free, fun, and easy! No registration or login is required!

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Direct variation and slope intercept form 
What are some examples of slope intercept form representing direct variation? ____________________________________________________ Answered by Karin …

Combinations of Numbers 
Hello everybody It is my very first posting and hope receiving help and guidance from the Math Geeks. Here is my very 1st problem: I have 2 equal …

Homeschool Algebra Curriculum 
Can I use your E-course as an Algebra 1 Curriculum independently for my 10th grader?

Solving equation with variables on both sides 
Solve equation with variables on both sides for: 2c+6=1-3c Karin from Algebra Class says: When you solve an equation with variables on both …

Absolute Values 
What is true about the absolute value of a number and the absolute value of its opposite?

Adding Algebraic Fractions with Variables 
I am struggling with this problem. 1/x + 2/3x = 4. The answer is 5/12. How do you come up with this answer?

Problems solved with linear equations 
Problems solved with linear equations, or as commonly known, Algebra word problems. Please help me in the following questions with full steps: A bus …

Word Problems 
I have a couple of word problems that I am having difficulty finding the equation to plug the numbers into. I would like to know the equation to solve …

Home-school Algebra Curriculum 
Dear Home-school Teachers, I am in the process of researching different home-school Algebra curriculum and I am thinking about developing a curriculum …

Algebra 1 or Pre-Algebra for 7th grader? 
My son just finished a regular 6th grade math curriculum. He is a very strong math student. He knows his facts, fractions and decimals very well. Do …

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