Graphing Systems of Equations
Practice Problems

Now that you've completed the Graphing Systems of Equations lesson, you must be ready to practice a few on your own.

Tips to Remember When Graphing Systems of Equations

  • Graph each equation on the same graph.

  • If the equation is written in standard form, you can either find the x and y intercepts or rewrite the equation in slope intercept form.

  • The point of intersection is the solution to the system of equations.

  • If two equations have the same slope, then the lines will be parallel and there is NO solution.

  • If the two equations are identical, then the lines will lie on top of each other and there are an infinite number of solutions.

Directions: Graph each system and identify the solution.

Click here to print graph paper.

1.   y = 2/3x+2
      y = 2x-6

2.   y = 1/2x +5
      3x -y = 0

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Answer Key

Solution to a system of equations by graphing

Solution to a system of equations by graphing.

How did you do? Graphing Systems is a pretty easy way to find the solution, as long as the solution is an identifiable point on the graph.

Next, we will explore two ways to solve systems of equations without graphing. We will start with the substitution method.

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