Do You Need Algebra Tools?

You are probably wondering what that means... Algebra tools...

Well... just like you need certain tools like a hammer, nails, and screwdriver to get the job done when you are building something, there are certain "tools" that you need in your "tool belt" in order to complete Algebra problems.

Obviously, we are not talking about the same kind of "tools", so what are the tools for Algebra? Each of the links below will lead you to lessons that will help prepare you for Algebra 1.

If you are struggling or just getting back into Algebra 1, be sure to check out all of the links below.

Basic Math Operations

Yes, there is a reason why you learned basic math!

The good news is that you didn't learn it for nothing! You'll need to use basic math skills such as:


Before starting any Algebra course, you will want to know your integer rules inside and out! You will need to know these rules just as well as you know your addition facts (You do know your addition facts by heart, right?)

If you are unsure about these rules, visit our integer rules page.

Math Properties

Yes! Even those math properties are going to come in handy as we study Algebra!

Hmmm.... What properties?

Check these out.

Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic expressions is most likely something that you've started to learn about in Pre-Algebra.

This concept of how to evaluate, translate and simplify algebraic expressions is crucial for success in Algebra.

Check out the following lessons if you need review on these concepts.

As you begin your study of Algebra, make sure that you are well equipped! By strengthening pre-algebra skills, algebra will be much easier to conquer!

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