Fractions Made Easy

Are you one of those people who freaks when you see an fraction? Do you have trouble knowing when to find the lowest common denominator and when to find the reciprocal?

YES, there are a lot of rules to remember when working with fractions, but I guarantee if you work through my lessons, you will develop a whole new understanding of fractions.

You will no longer be afraid and you understand all of the fraction "vocabulary".

You will also probably be glad to know, that you are not the only one in this boat. Statistics show that almost 1000 people a day search in Google for "Fractions Made Easy".

Yes, that means that most people have difficulty working with fractions. But not for long...

This Pre-Algebra unit starts with the most basic concept of fractions, "factors". From there it builds step by step until you are adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions with ease.

If you are truly struggling with fractions, then start with lesson one and work your way through each lesson step by step. If you are looking for help with one particular concept, then find your lesson and get to work!

Fraction Lessons

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